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There is a great trade of favoritism and unfairness at present in publicities. This needs to be corrected in order to supply a just possibility for publicities.

Reduce political relations:

In the authorities apparatus there is a batch of political relations traveling on. There is a batch of leg drawing alternatively of encouragement Peoples try to travel frontward by stepping over each other. This should be taken care away and tried to be minimized.


Peoples should be brought in to develop the employees sing the emerging engineering. They need to maintain gait with the up coming and progress engineering.


Promotions should be awarded on public presentation and they should be based on proper and defined standards so that other workers do non experience that there has been some kind of favoritism or biasness and are non demoralized


Teamwork is an effectual manner to acquire the best out of the employees so teamwork should be applied. Different people have different thoughts and different ways of analysing things.

Network Expansion:

Mobile operators are making those topographic points or districts where PTCL has non reached. PTCL should pay more attending and concentrate on spread outing the web to far off countries by doing full usage of the resources it has ; and through maximal sweetening of the capacity to run into the of all time increasing market demands of the dynamic telecom sector. Unless PTCL expands it web it would unable to capture the market.

Quality Servicess:

PTCL should supply uninterrupted services to its clients and other operators. Customer ailments should be taken attention of every bit shortly as possible.

Gross loss:

The current market tendencies have forced every operator in this sector to cut down their monetary values, therefore cut downing the net income border. Under such fortunes, the direction has to maintain coming up with ways to increase its client base through advanced and cost effectual bundles. The addition in market portion will merely assist to prolong the profitableness.

Charging system:

An machine-controlled charge informations aggregation system should be introduced. So that information is updated rapidly and right.

Organization Culture:

Need to alter the organisational civilization. Until a productive and healthy work environment is developed people will non be to the full motivated to work.

Reduce spread between Employees:

Gap between the bing employees and the new employees demands to be reduced. The bing employees should non be hesitating to develop the new employees and to portion their cognition and expertness with them.


The existent working substances are the human existences. Human resources are the most of import in the organisation and so is the human resource section. it integrates all the activities and maps of the company like occupation analysis, enlisting, staffing, preparation, planing compensation bundle, employee ‘s assessment system. It plays cardinal function in keeping, motive and publicity of employees.

Properly Topographic point Employees:

Employees should be decently fitted within the organisations every bit good as their occupations. Proper recruiting and choice techniques should help in making this lucifer.

Address Individual Differences:

Acknowledge that employees are non homogenous instead ; they are persons possessing a alone set of demands.

Performance Based Reward:

The wagess must be given to the persons for their public presentation. The wagess may either be in signifier of pecuniary or something other than that. Each wages must be shown to be the consequence of accomplishing organisational ends.

Job Enrichment:

To better the occupations, direction permits the employees to take duty for some of the undertaking carried out by his or her superior. Enrichment besides calls for that the employees do better programming and controlling of their work by and big themselves with less way and more self-evaluation.

Job Rotation:

The method of occupation rotary motion must besides be done within the organisation. Job rotary motion offers a chance to cover with the job of an ordinary employee discontent caused by over-structuring.it lets the employees to broaden their skylines and compensate the humdrum.

Work from Home:

Technology presents is offering an extraordinary chance for employees to work organize their places. This chance must besides be offered to the employees within the company, which facilitates an employees therefore taking to actuating the employee to give his best.

Flexible Working Hourss:

Bendable hours must besides be offered to the employees at the organisation, where the employees are bound to work a precise figure of hours a hebdomad but have the installation of changing those hours within some bounds.


The employees should be provided with the installation of working overtime, where they can gain more money. The construct of over clip is where the employee when works more than what he is bound to or is paid for, gets paid over and above the basic wage. If an employee works overtime, he should hold an inducement to make so. So the for working overtime PTCL can offer them

Twice the rate of their base wage

Cost of life allowance

Education allowance

Marriage allowance

All of the above but remaining within what the company ‘s regulations and processs are.

Strategic Fit

There needs to be congruity in a shared common cognition substructure in PTCL, the house can guarantee consistence and develop action programs. Basically there needs to be extremist alteration in the thought and attack of upper direction to develop scheme that aims at the being of delimited reason and tacit cognition and to airt the strategic analysis instead than on analysis of the external environment but the company itself and its specificities which can be by using the immense substructure it has and imparting its employee ‘s energies into rite waies, through revised inducement and compensation strategies, hence really doing usage of the budget it has ; being the immense organisation it is.


Sing the assorted options available to us, we came up with the most appropriate option for PTCL that includes in it ; the benefits of all the suggestions in it.

The best possible action for PTCL would be to concentrate themselves in one way that is employee focal point ; keeping and pulling competent employees, as finally it all comes down to how motivated and willing an employee is to serve the client well, which in bend would take to a satisfied client, and therefore doing the organisation profitable.

The first measure would be to make a really clear vision of deriving market portion through competent and advanced work force that would take to transcending client outlooks.

The vision needs to be communicated to the really underside of the organisation, so that the employees are cognizant of what PTCL is draw a bead oning to be.

A really clear scheme of retaining the cardinal employees and pulling the competent pool of employees should be developed and communicated through company ‘s compensation bundles, fillip strategies, inducements, preparation and development and other inducements.

A really clear precise and definite notice or documented confidence be issued from PTCL signed by the CEO or President to all the staff saying that the footings and status of their employment will be safeguarded no affair what, and the company values their employees ‘ part to the organisation.


PTCL direction should most decidedly go in front with the orders of Government of Pakistan every clip it announces a wage rise. PTCL disposal must vouch appropriate rise in the wages of its employees as and when the authorities declares a rise in wages or novices revised salary constructions.

Broadcasting of information to the really underside of the organisation on affairs sing to guidelines, process, of import affairs, set of Torahs, late installed equipments, substructure and company ‘s achievements through a magazine on monthly footing is extremely desired.

PTCL disposal should advance and shut the instances of the employees who are long due for publicities and are being held in the center for a piece for no specific ground. It is besides recommended that a clear publicity policy be really clearly communicated to employees where, the employees after finishing three twelvemonth of service are eligible to be promoted to the following degree or a higher class, but the publicity is conditional on the employee ‘s criterion of service and making.

Management should return back all the instructions that were made to advance the employees who were non suited for publicity or did non run into the standard to be promoted. All such orders by the direction must be taken back immediately and repost the employees ( who are wrongly promoted ) back to their deserved places and should be promoted as and when they meet the standard set for publicity. Such actions will decidedly extinguish any kind of biasness or favouritism shown by direction therefore taking to a healthy working environment.

Workers who are recruited on places except their original places for past five old ages or more should be re-posted on the same place.

One added per centum addition in the wage or compensation bundle should be offered to workers on decision of every 5 old ages of service.

Bonus must be calculated and be equally given out amongst all the employees.

To cover with the demands of new age of proficient patterned advance, it is necessary to develop people to get by up with the international degree of expertness. We propose that a complete program be planned to offer progress preparation to all categories of employees maintaining in head their calling growing and development.

A certain per centum of the wage should be given in add-on to basic wage to certain employees who are more educated or qualified than others, therefore advancing or promoting employees to take more preparations and heighten their acquisition accomplishments to better their public presentation. A proper interruption down can be declared in footings of policy so that employees are clear that what per centum addition they will acquire at what degree of making.

the Linemen/CSRs/ mechanical/procedural forces be provided and good prepared to run the up to day of the month equipment/tools in order to better their motion and transit installations. The care of installed machinery and tools be monitored and facilitated by apportioning a sufficient budget which should be monitored closely so that it is non wasted in uneconomical and non productive activities.

A revised medical policy with increased figure of infirmaries on the panel and handiness of medical service on the employee card as good in add-on to medical card.

Workers should be permitted to obtain consultancy from any PTCL Health division without any bounds / boundaries.

Idle / individual / separated girls of a worker should be permitted wellness services ignoring their age bound.

Handicapped boy ( s ) of a worker should be allowed to wellness services ignoring the age bound.

Parents of female workers who are still reliant on their girl ‘s income should go on to have wellness services even after their girl ‘s matrimony.

PTCL should put up a adult females division at every country Office in add-on to the caput one-fourth which will be run by a female. The intent of set uping a division like this is to guarantee that the division is provided with equal resources, trained staff and power to cover with and work out all the issues and affairs associating to female workers.

Female Rest Room should be provided in every office and a supplication room dedicated to females merely should besides be set up.

one house / flat in every cantonment of the company should be revamped and modernized in every regard as an illustration and if it is agreed upon by the disposal every bit good as the representative organic structure of the employees, so all the flats of the settlement will be renovated on the agreed upon criterions to guarantee indistinguishable and standardised lodging to the workers. However, when the employees move in the flat after they have been renovated, it ‘s now their duty to keep their flat unless and until there is a major job that needs to be taken attention by the company ‘s admin.

The Leave services should be reinstated with following alterations:

Informal Leave:

In a twelvemonth, a worker should be allowed to take informal Leave of 20 yearss.

Unused informal leave should be changed to earned go forth on full wage.

PTCL should put up a adult females division at every country Office in add-on to the caput one-fourth which will be run by a female. The intent of set uping a division like this is to guarantee that the division is provided with equal resources, trained staff and power to cover with and work out all the issues and affairs associating to female workers.

Appropriate sum of budget demands to be directed towards the general milieus of PTCL ‘s work Stationss and offices. The office substructure, canteens, dispensaries, interactions, has to be brought up to a higher degree of standard where employees feel motivated plenty to work positively. Milieus have a great impact towards an person ‘s behaviours. Presently non much attending is being paid in this way.

The scheme of accomplishing excellence through employee satisfaction will be implemented at every degree in the organisation by above mentioned action program. If the direction of PTCL implements the above mentioned action program in a true sense, employees would really believe that the organisation is genuinely committed to its employees and their demands, and one time this belief is reinforced, employees will be motivated to execute in a manner which is in conformity with what the company wants and therefore assisting PTCL to accomplish its long term and short term aims.


The research targeted such PTCL employees who have been in the employment of the State-owned telecommunication operator for three or more old ages.the consequence of the study indicates that the prevailing motive behind the mark group ‘s continued employment and association with the organisation is based on single and personal employee ends as opposed to a holistic attack that should be adopted by PTCL that aims at accomplishing organisational ends that are in sync with persons ‘ public presentation and growing aspirations and aims. A extremist alteration in the scheme preparation and execution is required which should be communicated by the alterations in inducement strategies, fillips, and Human Resources policies.

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