bar: to compare
line: change in variables
circle: percentages or part to a whole
list the three main types of graphs and tell when youd use each graph.?

a system of knowledge about the natural world and the methods used to find that knowledge
whats the books definition of science.?

they are interdependent. advances in one lead to advances in the other.
how are science and technology related.?

1. physical
2. earth and space
3. life
list the three branches of natural science

when you study fossils that’s both life science and earth science.
how does earth science overlap with life science.?

1. space and time
2. matter and change
3. forces and motion
4. energy
list the four main ideas of physical science

an atom is the smallest particle of an

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what are atoms.?

which step of the scientific method involves information being obtained through the senses?

a statement that summarizes a pattern found in nature
what is a scientific law.?

a representation of an object or event of something we cant see.
what is a model.?

they make it easier to understand things that might be to difficult to observe directly.
why are models important?

always follow your teachers instructions and the textbooks directions exactly.
what is the most important safety rule.?

writing in journals, websites, and speaking at conferences
list three ways that scientists could communicate the results of their investigation

examine others work, and double checks, while also providing for criticism.
what is a peer review, and why is it important?

direct proportion
if a line graph is a straight diagonal line, what is the relationship between the manipulated variable and the responding variable.?

what is the SI base unit for temperature?

a number and a unit
a measurement must include what two things to be correct?

good, and controlled
what type of experiment only has one manipulative variable? is that a good thing or bad thing?

use of knowledge to solve practical problems
what is technology? name five examples

line graph
what type of graph would you use to show changes that occur in related variables

chemistry and physics
what are the two main areas of physical science.?

a gauge of how exact a measurement is
what is precision

the closeness of a measurement to the actual value of what is being measured
what is accuracy

at what temperature does water boil on the Celsius scale?

the variable you are testing
what is a manipulated variable

what you measure
what is a responding variable

variables that don’t change
what is a constant

why do scientists speak at conferences and write scientific journals.?

used for comparison does not get the manipulative variable
what is a control

theory explain, law summarize (TELS)
what is the difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law?

when a number in a measurement is converted from kilometers to meters. does the number get smaller or bigger?

bar graph
what type of graph would be the best to use to compare the levels of lead contamination in six wells

earth and life
the study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago would most likely fall under which 2 branches of natural science

what is the most important safety rule

revise (change) your hypothesis
what happens when the data in the investigation do not support the hypothesis

use SI units
how do scientists who speak different languages make their data understandable to one another

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