English Vocab

Term Definition
Short Story A short work of fiction
Nonfiction This work includes real people, places, things, and events.
Drama Is made and written to be performed by actors.
Poetry A type of literature that appears in verse form.
Folk Literature An unwritten lore of specific people or culture, passed down through the generations by the word of mouth until, at some point, is put into literature and writing.
Plot The sequence of events in a story.
Characters The people or animals who participate in an action of writing.
Setting The time and place of an action occurring.
Theme The central message or insight into life revealed through the work.
Autobiography A form of nonfiction in which a writer tells the life story of themselves.
Biography A form of nonfiction in which a writer tells the life story of another person.
Essay A short nonfiction work about a particular subject.
Informational Text Writing that provides the knowledge to guide and educate you.
Comedy A humerus play with a happy ending.
Tragedy A play where a hero suffers a major downfall.
Drama A serious play, but the consequences aren’t as dire as those in a tragedy.
Dialogue The conversations between two or more characters.
Monologue A lengthy speech that one character addresses to others on stage.
Conflict A problem in a form of literature.
Narrative Poem Tells a story that includes a plot, characters, and setting. A lot like a short story.
Figurative Language Writing or speech that is not meant to be taken literally.
Simile Like or as is use to compare different things
Metaphor States a comparing of two things directly.
Personification A nonhuman subject is given human characteristics.
precluded prevented;made impossible in advance
retribution payback;punishment for a misdeed
accosted greeted, especially in an aggressive way
afflicted suffering or sickened
explicit clearly stated
recoling staggering back
termination end
subsided settled down;became less active
Suspense The reader’s feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, or even anxiety about the outcome of events in a story.
Confllict A struggle between opposing forces, setting one character against another character.
Palapable able to be touched or felt
indolently lazily:idly
bizarre odd in apperaance
naive unsophisticated
scruples misgivings about something one feels is wrong
blandly in a mild and soothing manner
grotesque having a strange, bizarre design
futile hopeless
pallor paleness
wreathed curled around
writhing twisting; turning
tumult noisy commotion
Placid calm
Garish Too bright
Recounted Told in detail/Narrated
Sullen gloomy
Furtively Stealthily, so as to avoid being heard
imperative urgent/absolutely necessary
reconnaissance exploratory in nature, as when observing to seek information
fretful irritable and discontented
mood is the feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage.
Description Is a portrait in words of a person, place, or object.
Climax Stories biggest moment
Anti-Climax The part of the story where you find out that it didn’t happen the way you had anticipated.
singular rare;extraordinary
avail be of help
hoax deceitful trick
introspective causing one to look into ones own thoughts and feelings
vex annoy
conundrums puzzling questions or problems
astuteness cleverness
formidable awe-inspiring
mystery a story of suspense that usually contains a crime, a crime-solver, suspects, and key details such as clues
characterization the way in which characters are developed, provides vital clues to solving the mystery
Imagery helps you experience the authors ideas with all of your senses
Diction word choice
Perplexed puzzled;full of doubt
Thronging crowding into
legendary based on legends, stories handed down from one generation to the next
strafing attacking with machine gun fire
Objectivity presenting the facts only, without opinions or judgement about the subject
dogmas firmly held beliefs or doctrines
parched dried up by heat
archaeologist person who studies the remains of ancient ways of life
imperialist here, describing a person from a country that seeks to dominate weaker countries
subjugation enslavement
reconcile bring into agreement
despotic like an absolute ruler or tyrant
chattel movable item of personal property
cipher code
slouching drooping
censure strong disapproval
gaunt thin and bony
droll comic and amusing in an odd way
authors purpose is his or her best reason for writing
tone the attitude toward the subject that an author coveys in a piece of writing
creed statement of belief
opression keeping others down by the unjust use of power
oasis fertile place in the desert
exalted lifted up
prodigious wonderful; of great size
hamlet small village
complied carried out or fulfilled a request
manhandled treated roughly
determination firm intention
endurance ability to withstand hardship and continue on
fable a brief story that teaches a lesson
portents things that are thought to be signs of events to come; omens
vile evil; wicked
ravenous greedily hungry
acclaimed greeted with loud applause and approval
pandemonium wild disorder, noise, or confusion
spurn reject in a scornful way

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