English Vocab (3)

Term Definition
circumstance the detail or details that make up a situation
retrospect looking back on the past
embroidering adding extra detail or interest to something
hilarious extremely funny, ridiculous
nostalgia a feeling of longing for the past
indictment a formal accusation of crime
posterity future generations of people
disfranchisement denial of the right to vote
ex post facto made or done after the fact; retroactive
oligarchy a government in which power is held by only few people
abridged reduced in any way; diminished
servitude the state of being a slave
claimant someone who asserts the right to something, especially in a legal case
franchise the right or priviledge to do something, especially vote
culpable deserving blame for being wrong or causing harm
molested harmed, bothered, or annoyed
virulence the state of being full of hostility and hate
perjured lied under oath
ostensibly supposedly, seemingly
anomalous highly unusual or irregular

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