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Aim: Transcript and paste the inquiries and your replies. or attach your papers. Remember to include your speech supporting King George or back uping Patrick Henry. following the instructions in the lesson. 1. Harmonizing to Patrick Henry. what is the basic inquiry being debated at the Virginia Convention? Henry states that the argument was “nothing less than a inquiry of freedom or bondage. ” He so defined the degree of the state of affairs and says that bondage is a “retreat” . 2. What grounds does Henry offer to propose that the British were non worthy of trust at that clip? Henry’s chief ground was that it was the British were roll uping and garnering military services that are an indispensable for America.

3. What statement does Henry supply against the impression that the settlements are excessively weak to contend the British? He provides the statement that God has provided them with the needed power to conflict their enemy/rivals. If they sit about and go on to make nil. they can non win the conflict. 4. What is Henry connoting when he says that he is loyal to “the stateliness of heaven…above all earthly kings” ? What tone ( mode in which an writer expresses his attitude ) does this statement keep? He is clear uping that he is loyal to God above anyone else. I believe the tone is a low yet respectful 1. though some may believe otherwise. 5. Why are Henry’s concluding words so effectual and memorable?

His concluding words. “Give me liberty or give me decease. ” were so effectual and memorable. because non merely have they been used legion times over the old ages. besides they have become a representation and usher for our state. For him to state that to decease for bondage as an option to holding freedom is a really powerful and audacious message that he finalized in his address.

6. A rhetorical inquiry is a inquiry posed to stress a point. non for the intent of acquiring an reply. Henry uses this device extensively throughout his address. Find one illustration in the address. cite it and explicate what point he is stressing with those peculiar inquiries. “Shall we get the agencies of effective opposition by lying supinely on our dorsums and embracing the false apparition of hope. until our enemies shall hold bound us manus and pes? ” In this rhetorical inquiry. he is trying to acquire the position that it is indispensable to make something. Otherwise. they can non merely believe and populate on the hope that the British will get the better of them ; they must contend back finally.

7. Parallel structuring is the repetition of phrases or sentences which are similar ( parallel ) in significance and construction ; repeat is the repetition of the same word or phrases to make a sense of beat and accent. Find an illustration of parallel structuring and repeat in the address. Explain why this device is efficaciously placed in the address. “I know of no manner of judgment of the hereafter but by the yesteryear. And judgment by the past. I wish to cognize what there has been in the behavior of the British ministry for the last 10 old ages to warrant those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to comfort themselves and the House. ” The look “judging by the past” gives Henry a kind of “justification” to what he is bespeaking. It is efficaciously placed in the address because it farther underlines his information of the circumstance.

8. Allusion is a mention in a address to a familiar individual. topographic point. thing or event. Henry uses two allusions in his address ( they are highlighted in blue ) . What is the beginning of each of these allusions? -The first allusion is to mythology. “Sirens” were adult females in Ancient Greek mythology who were seductive and perilously delusory. Henry uses this to state that Americans should non be listening to the voices of the Sirens. instead making what they know is right. -This allusion is to the Bible ( in the book of Luke. I believe ) . Jesus was with Judas and was explicating that a existent friend would non snog you and so turn around and betray you

9. Syntax is the survey of sentence construction. Detect the length of the sentences in the first and last paragraphs of the address. What differences do you happen? How make these differences affect the tone of the address? I find that as the address gets closer to the terminal. the sentences get longer. This is extremely effectual. because shorter sentences cause a sense of urgency and strength in his address. 10. Enunciation is an author’s word pick. in this instance the orator’s pick of words. In the 3rd paragraph. Henry uses a twine of verbs ( highlighted in orange ) : petitioned. remonstrated. supplicated. implored. They are arranged in a climactic order. fluxing from the mildest to the strongest. Find four equivalent word for these verbs. and rewrite that sentence utilizing your picks. Are they every bit effectual as Henry’s picks? Why or why non? Petitioned: Appealed

Remonstrated: Opposed
Supplicated: Pleaded
Implored: Beseeched

Original: We have petitioned ; we have remonstrated ; we have supplicated ; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne. and have implored its interjection to collar the oppressive custodies of the ministry and Parliament. Reorganized: We have appealed ; we have opposed ; we have pleaded ; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne. and have beseeched its interjection to collar the oppressive custodies of the ministry and Parliament. -I reflect on both transitions. and believe that it doesn’t incorporate a climatic order prior as the original. To compare. I don’t see that is has its same significance and contextual intent as the original. I agree with the verbs antecedently than holding to alter them. as they had more of a intension with it being in his address.


Option B: “Someone must back up Patrick Henry so that his ardent address does non travel to blow! You agree with what he has said and want to demo your support. You take the floor with a dignified stance. clear your pharynx and state. . . ” Unites States of America. Home of the free. Land of the brave. This is our state. Our lives depend on the doctrines on which we act upon. which requires much duty for us to support. So. what so defines courage? Bravery is non contained of inactive potency. Bravery is non courage. longing. or determined contemplations. It does non. nor should it non give to the British. It is apparent that they have amassed an ground forces against us. They really good can possibly get the better of us and populate our places if you like.

This would be such a smack in the face. would it non? To sit back in an faineant province of obeisance. withdrawing in fright. Do you desire to be a state overcome by the esthesis of emptiness or failure? To reply that inquiry. simply walk outside. Gaze at our flag that flows in the air current with pride and victory. Henry’s address was a call to action. If we do non hold autonomy. what are we? Without autonomy and power. the American frame will develop into a fragment of the world’s remembrance. vanishing in the herpes zosters of clip. You exist in in the place of the brave ; Let us reenforce ourselves against malevolent and express unity.

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