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I am happy to react positively to your petition for an on-site presentation. I agree that our degree of tool usage warrants a comparing of the sellers in the country. and I’d like to schedule your visit for following month. Body

Our building directors are peculiarly interested in seeing the capablenesss of your he-man guns. We are frequently asked to retrofit bing concrete slab warehouse edifices. and it might be clip to include these as standard equipment on each occupation site. We would be interested in information sing enfranchisement of operators as good. We keep a lasting crew of carpenters and we would besides desire to see the full line of proverb. smoothers and other power tools appropriate for unsmooth framing. I’m certain our chiefs would be interested in seeing the latest characteristics available. In add-on. I would appreciate your being prepared with cost comparings between long- and short-run rental understandings. every bit good as straight-out purchase of assorted equipment types. I am enveloping a list of the equipment we have rented over the past 18 months. I can name a meeting for all undertaking directors and chiefs for either the 16th or the 18th of following month. likely at the Los Alamitos Office Complex site. Please give me a call to corroborate a clip and location. Sincerely. Complimentary Shutting Rosabeth Cantrell

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