English: Literature

Old English
Few surviving texts with little xommon
Old English
Sometimes reffered to as Anglo-Saxon Literature
Old English
The waves of invasion from European continent took place in the land
Old English
Julius Caesar crossed the English Chanel and found the land occupied by a peace, love, agriculture people called Celts
Middle English
Refers to the literature written in the form of the Engkish language from the 12th century under the 1470’s
The characteristics of this new world can be packed one word expansion
Produced the fullest and freshest lyrical outburst in the history of English Literature
Period of enlightment
Victorian Period
The novel became the leading literary genre in English
Victorian Period
Tennyson was the voice of his people
Victorian Period
Queen Victoria
Belief that human being can arrive at truth by using reason
Artistic literary and intellectual movement that originated in Europe
20th Century
Sean O’Faolain received his masters degrees feom the National University of Ireland until the 1470’s

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