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Are the reports about public accounts specific in Canada? What about trust? John Williams: It is very difficult. There are 3 parliamentary centers interested in this. Adrian Baja: And what about the control system of public accounts? John Williams: It is open, accountability in elections and processes against corruption can be launched. A participant from Uganda: Will more authority mean less corruption in our Parliament? How can we realize this in parliamentary elections?

A. Razing: Some people from organizations are members of the Senate, which is a really big problem. Membership of Parliament will be more transparent, which will also be the case with the elections. A participant from Africa: How to ensure a balance of interests between ruling parties and the opposition? Muskier Combo, Augustine Razing: It will be a long process, but everything is open. It depends on our countries, our people and on our will.

A participant from the United Kingdom: How can international institutions be useful in anti-corruption processes? Son Achy: They can be helpful, they have a very important position in this process. We have to make sure that people want parliamentary democracy and are Interested In the decision making process. Main Themes Covered 1. The role of Parliament in the fight against corruption 2. The role of members of state Institutions, government, parliament and senate In he anti-corruption process. . How to make clean and transparent decisions? Main Conclusions 1. Very good legislative rules are the key element In the fight against corruption. People In the legislative branch should modify the existing laws. 2. The Parliament Is the supreme Institution, which should take a closer look at anta-corruption processes. It should be a co-ordination In the process of cleaning up and making transparent processes In society and political decisions.

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