English for Academic Purposes Activity Essay

This EAP activity is designed specifically for advanced degree pupils. The activity aims to enrich students’ hearing and speech production accomplishments utilizing the vocal. “Imagine” by John Lennon. The usage of reliable stuff such as this vocal will advance ability of pupils to analyse relevancy of media to real-life scenarios. measure the singer/composer’s universe positions based on their ain sentiments. and use the positions of the composer to their mundane life as pupils. The vocal. “Imagine” expresses Lennon’s position about the universe during the clip of war.

He visualizes a universe that does non give importance to cultural. political. spiritual differences. Alternatively. he proposes that people unite and recognize that they are created equal. therefore they should populate with equal rights and chances. no affair where they are coming from. The subject of the vocal is really relevant in our clip as it will do pupils recognize the importance of equality despite gender. racial. spiritual. and cultural differences. The usage of the vocal is really ideal sing the multicultural background of the pupils taking up the class.

The message of the vocal will promote pupils to show their positions about the universe. while advancing their ability and assurance to utilize the mark linguistic communication during group work and category presentation. Schemes: • Group Work Strategy. The activity will necessitate pupils to work in groups. This will supply pupils an chance to interact with others utilizing English as their medium. As pupils use the linguistic communication. the activity will heighten their ability to talk and listen to others during planning and presentation.

• Six Thinking Hats. The nucleus of the activity is the usage of “Six Thinking Hats. ” a scheme introduced by Edward de Bono. which requires pupils to “extend their manner of believing about a topic” while have oning different colourss of chapeaus to propose different believing positions. This scheme requires pupils to construe the vocal. show their point of positions. synthesise the song’s significance. use the subject of the vocal to real-life scenarios. and measure their ain acquisition based on the activity.

As it requires pupils to believe. react. and discuss. the scheme will let the instructor to estimate students’ ability to show themselves in English. while advancing chumminess at the same clip. • Authentic Instruction. The usage of a popular vocal helps pupils associate more to the lesson. The linguistic communication used in the vocal makes it easy for pupils to understand the context and the message of the composer. Furthermore. by utilizing popular vocals for direction. the instructor provides a usher to pupils as to what sort of literature or media stuffs they should subscribe to.

• Brainstorming. As the groups process the thoughts they will show. they conduct brainstorming. where all thoughts are accepted and recorded for synthesis and valuing before presentation. • Panel Discussion. The treatment portion of the undertaking requires pupils to show their thoughts on a given subject in a panel treatment. In this activity. each of the pupils is given clip to show their thoughts in relation to the subject assigend to them. While they do this. it is of import to stress understanding of their ideas on the given issue/topic. • Forum.

While the panel nowadayss. the audience makes notes on issues they want to discourse with the panel. Therefore. after the panel treatment. members of the audience are encouraged to inquire inquiries to be addressed by the panel. • Active Learning. Basically. the usage of different schemes such as groupwork. Six Thinking Hats. reliable stuff. brainstorming. panel treatment and forum promote active acquisition among pupils. The activity does non merely necessitate them to believe. but besides do them travel about in groups. take note of their classmates’ ideas. and present their positions orally.

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