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Curiosity Killed the Cat Throughout my life I have always been a very curious fellow. Now curiosity ca n be considered a blessing or a curse, but for one have usually found it to be the tater. Take for example, the time was stuck on a monorail car. In the gigantic John F. Keen day Airport. At the age Of Seven. Alone. One may wonder how a seven year Old would get into us chi a predicament. The truth is I did it to myself… My curiosity got the best of me. It all started during the month of March.

For you see, March break was fast AP approaching, which for my family and I meant escape. Escape from the oppressing snow an d unrelenting cold of the wintertime in Fort Frances, Ontario, to the wonderful sun scorched San dos of Arizona. Needless to say, it was a much coveted time in our lives. However this year m y parents decided that we would visit our relatives in Germany. Despite the fact that Germany w as not known for its gorgeous weather, I and my three older siblings, Tim, Megan and Kevin, we re excited about the adventure to be

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With our bags packed and plans made we set out in the family minivan late at night en route to Germany. In an effort to ruin my trip, Megan was ordered, by my par .NET, to maintain a vigilant eye on my activities. Nevertheless our travel route called for a four ho our drive to Minneapolis, which was a well trodden path for us and experience saw to it the at we arrived without any problems.

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