English: Communication: Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive speeches have a(n) __________________ obligation to the audience.
Persuasive speeches deal primarily with questions of value, fact and ________________.
Topic and purpose and attention-getting material are all components of the _______________________.
A good persuasive speech _________________________.
takes a stand
The lecture suggests, in giving a persuasive speech, that we should keep in mind all of the following except ______________________.
According to one of the rubrics, eye contact for a persuasive speech should be ________________.
According to one of the rubrics, it’s important to use __________________ in a persuasive speech that the audience will understand.
a & b
The lecturer states that persuasive speeches are speeches of contention. This means that they ____________________.
take a stance on an issue
According to one of the rubrics, the two items considered part of the conclusion of a persuasive speech are the ____________________.
final appeal and summary

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