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A Helping Hand One in thirty three babies are born with a disability or birth defect. This isn’t necessarily a tragedy for families. Sure, no one wants their child to live a life like that, but In the end that Is still their child and they should be given Just as much love, If not more. Because these children lack cognitive and social ablest, they are somewhat deprived a “normal life. ” Most can not speak properly, or move properly and those that can lack social skills and common logic.

Just because these children re a little different doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a happy life. In 2011 Jackie Olsen, mother of three, decided her daughter with mental and physical disabilities, Haley, needed a comforting and educational environment to grow In. Cackle founded Yale’s Playground so children with disabilities Like her daughter’s could Interact with one another and most importantly bring joy and happiness to these children through volunteer interactions, games, special events, and activities in the community. Yale’s Playground is designed to meet the individual needs of all participants.

Children and teens with disabilities “will benefit from sensory input using a variety of gym equipment that is designed for

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all individuals with special needs to improve their movement, coordination, and social ablest through play and activity. ” (Olsen) In addition. Individuals with special needs or deliverables will be matched up with their peers and other members from their communities to be mentored for success. Halley Playground provides an educational outreach program for families, peers, interns, and our very own community.

They provide sensory and motor stimulation lasses for kids ages 2-30 years with different disabilities. Kids will be able to run, jump, push, swing, and play. All services are offered though the community’s educational outreach program. Kids volunteer to help these participants succeed In social skills, problem solving, decision making, dally life skills, and behavior management through mentoring these skills. Classes are held on Saturdays for children ages 3 to 6 from 9-10 am and ages 7 to 12 (higher functioning) from 10:30-11:30 am and ages 7-12 (lower functioning) from 1 1 to 12:30 pm.

Classes held for teens with disabilities on Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm. Their young adult program Is on Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1 1 am. Kids transitioning Into the community from high school attend class from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. All classes started In April 2011 and are ongoing. Participants and volunteers must fill out application and waiver prior to the start of the classes. Not only do these interactions better the life of these disabled children but also give the volunteers joy and satisfaction from bringing a smile to their faces.

Their program is perfect for people who love kids and have a passion for bringing Joy to children with disabilities. Ever since my cousin Alex was diagnosed with epilepsy I’ve always had an that devote their life to making these children’s lives as best as possible. I have a passion for bringing Joy to these children and to give them someone to talk to. In most cases when people interact with someone with a disability, they get scared and uncomfortable, but in my eyes they are Just another person.

These children are the best, highest caliber of human known to man kind. Not because they are extremely smart, or because they have unique talents but because despite their disabilities and trudges in life, they still maintain smile and a warm fun loving attitude. To me that is an inspiration. Sometimes I get in a bad mood if parents wont let me go somewhere, but I don’t even take into consideration these children who don’t have the option to go out and about with their friends, play sports, or even enjoy a hobby.

Now every time I take into consideration the life of these children and I re-evaluate my actions and emotions. I took the time to contact Jackie to ask her a few questions regarding the program. I asked what were some special events they hold at their program. Jackie explained that every Sunday they have soccer Sundays at 4 pm so they kids can learn a fun game and get some exercise in the process. Also at USA athletic club and spa they hold open swim time to time.

They even attend feed my starving children every now and then. I also asked Jackie what she loves most about the program since she founded it in 2011. She said the greatest thing she had seen was the feedback and support from the community. They currently have over 50 volunteers and 30 participants and growing. The program is growing, reaching out to cities such as Batavia, Sugar Grove, and Owes. She loves to see positive reactions to the program and most importantly to see the children’s smiles after ever class.

This discourse community is extremely inspiring to me. It brings people of different demographics together, brings the community together, and brings happiness to kids with disabilities. It would make me proud to be apart of a program like this, especially since my passion is helping children with disabilities. Since my investigation in this program, I have actually started the application process and hopefully I will be volunteering by spring! Why not be apart of something truly great? Give a helping hand.

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