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Every engineering field probably has a unique list of Issues that will affect the student and Is affecting employees In that particular field. One of the most prominent issues affecting the field of Industrial Systems Engineering is the communication barrier; Communication barrier between the upper management, the engineers, and the employees or the workforce on the factory floor. This barrier could prove to be a problem in the achieving the goal of efficiency at workplace. Discussion: When faced with the challenge of Improvement. Each working level sees the system from their unique prospective. Per management is more inclined toward to proposal that will be suitable from cost-benefit prospective. Their interest lies in the improvement that will give them value for their investments such as better work environment leading to increased productivity. Whereas, the floor workers with their rightful claim that their experience makes them the best Judge of the process and more than often they are resistant to change. This resistance comes from the fact that new Improvement and change in process will require them to adapt to the new system and to acquire additional training beyond their experience.

An Engineer essentially becomes an important “middle man”. Engineer has to propose a solution that would be satisfactory to both parties. Engineers have to communicate the necessity of the Improvement to management and employees. Employees will be the best resource to understand the process. It might be possible to get the diagrams that explain the flow. In order to get a deeper understanding and to understand the needs of improvement, it is necessary to observe the process being performed in action. To explain the employee the necessity of change it might be very helpful to explain them the change and to get their opinion.

Communicating the improvements such as a well designed sound equipment or an automation of a parts of the process flow could reduce some strains for the floor workers and help them be more productive. This makes them feel involved in the process and help gain their trust. As mentioned earlier, management is interested a very cost-benefit approach. Showing management the benefits of improved efficiency such as an designed workstation for the workers will be able to increase their productivity by making fewer breaks, workers could produce a better product, this could lead to premium product and Increased revenue, etc.

Essentially showing them possible benefits and how useful it will prove to be for the company’s future. Conclusion: Engineers’ job is not only to engineer a more efficient design but to also be a mediator between the upper management and the workforce. Working through the improved efficiency. Having a happy workforce would result in a productive environment and a satisfied management would result in engineer’s Job security. This is definitely easier said then done.

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