Engineering: Marble Maze Project Evaluation Form

The first step took was to brainstorm my ideas with my partner to figure out how we’re going to built the maze. Then we plan out our ideas and started to eliminate things that are not necessary. Finally, we started to built our project with the ideas we came up with. Would rate my project a 8. 0 because the project did work, but not as we expected. We thought our project was pretty good, but wasn’t better than the others. There were some things that help our project successful. But the most successful thing of all was the ramp at the beginning.

I thought that it was the cost important because it gave enough velocity to the marble for it to roll all the way to the end. There was a few things I have learned and things that had helped with my project. One of the things I’ve learned is that the funnel is one of the things that takes up lots of time for our project. Think that without the funnel, our project will likely fail. Also, one of the things that help our project is the track. The track help the marble roll down all the way to the big funnel, but friction. Another thing that help our project are the ramps.

The ramps are one of the important things that helped our project because without it there’d be no velocity. The track takes up less paper, but lots often. My partner and I did some research up different ways to build a Marble Maze. We brainstorm ideas on how to start building the prototype like sketching out how the project will look like after we build it. We also plan out ideas on which the best one is. By the end, my project didn’t turn out the way we had planned. There were a couple of problems I had while working on my project.

The problems I had while working on my project is that the marble keeps on topping in the middle of the project. The only way to fix problems is by problem solving. Where the marble stop is where the track meets the other track, so my partner and put a piece of tape on where one track ends and the other one start. After my partner and test it out, the marble roll on the track very smoothly. If could do this project again, there will be a couple of things would do differently. For example, would make the track a little bit thinner than before because it would make the marble go slower than the first time built it.

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