Engineering and American Dream

In India, there are many restrictions based on class. If a person is a poor farmer, it is very difficult to change societal class. My father, Asthma, had a goal to get me and my brother so that we would get a good education. I was baffled when he went to America in the year 2000. He started as a mechanical engineer working under an employer. After 5 years of hard work, he brought my whole family to America. He exemplifies the American Dream because he started from the very bottom and climbed his way to the top because he anted to.

His success has inspired me to pursue my dreams and make it a reality. Many countries in the world restrict their citizens of education. Even in India you must pay a lot of money in order to get a good education. I, on the other hand, am receiving a good education. A good education will help me achieve my dream job, an electrical engineer. Nowhere else in the world could anyone even dream about. Being an electrical engineer, I can go up in the social classes and exceed my limits.

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