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Juxtaposition When images are placed together for contrast affect
Panel The sections in which you have text and images
Frame The lines and borders that continue on panels
Gutter The space between framed panels
Thought and speech balloons Layout to indicate emotions, vary in size and shape
Captions Boxes containing text elements such as detail about the scene, descriptions, and narration
Special effects lettering Method of drawing attention to the text
Faces Can depict an actual person, or represent an idea or group of people
Hands/Feet Position of hands and feet express what is happening in the scene
Graphic weight Describes the way images draw the eye more than others, creating a focus using coloring and shading
Moment to moment Light change takes place between two panels as everything slows down
Subject to subject Transitions between different subjects in the same scene
Action to action Show the actions of a single subject
Aspect to aspect What you see from one persons eyes
Non seuitur Seems to be no logical connection between panels

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