Is the ability to do work

kinetic energy
Energy of motion

gravitational potential energy
stored energy, the energy an object has because of its position

The faster the particles move in an object, the more _____ energy the object has.
Thermal energy

particles traveling through a wire to create an electric current is ____ energy.
Electrical Energy

Chemical (potential) Energy
The energy in food and fuel and cells

Sound Energy
The energy from a vibrating object

Light Energy
a reflection/ scattering or from a luminous source

Nuclear Energy
Energy that is stored in the nucleus of an atom

Law of Conservation

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of Energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed ( into a form which may not be useful)

The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on what two things?
the objects mass and speed

Energy Transformation
Takes place when energy changes from one form into another form.

Strain energy/elastic potential energy
energy from anything stretched or wound up
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