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Electricity ingestion is something we do out of wont and accidentally. We develop our wonts based on our demands. avocations. plants. amusement and enjoyments. We ne’er truly cognizant of how much we use day-to-day and how much the beginning of energy is left in this universe. We are named as screen coevals. it means we all depending on electronic materials to finish and assist us out in our day-to-day life.

We use air-con. telecasting. icebox. fan. lamps. Fe more over we use electricity to bear down our appliances those we likely have more than one like phone. laptop. tablet etc. We ne’er truly care about where the energy came from and are we blowing it? Main energy beginning is fossil fuels including coal. oil and natural gas.

Many of us are uninformed about this chief beginning of energy and how much we can take from the universe. We hardly cognize how much the universe spent fossil fuels annually to carry through our electricity needs. The chief job here is fossil fuels are un-renewable. It takes 1000000s of old ages for them to be formed and ready to utilize.

Based on a high energies usage in this universe. we need an alternate energy beginning to back up our demands without working our chief beginning dodo fuels. We do hold an alternate energy support like air current power. solar energy and traveling H2O energy. Recent alternate energy beginning is atomic energy. Those options proven to be uneffective because they hardly fulfilled energy demands.

A natural effect of overdriving energy is increased costs for us. This can come in the signifier of fuel and energy measures ; we will be paying more without an appreciable return on your investing. We may besides put on the line take downing the expected lifetime of contraptions and other electronics. When we have to replace exhausted devices. we farther impact the environment by bring forthing waste and buying replacing equipment. Our wise usage of electricity. hence. can interpret into long-run nest eggs in energy measures and besides cut down the demand for other purchases.

Singapore energy support depends on natural gas imported by Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to Singapore deficiencies of natural resources Singapore has to be a depending state. Singapore’s energy support 80 % imported from both Indonesia and Malaysia and 51 % of it came from fossil fuels.

The unknowingness of public and deficiency of information lead me to develop this undertaking. Not merely to better ourselves but besides to supply for our following coevals.

Creative aim

The purpose of this undertaking is to raise people’s consciousness about the overused of electricity in Singapore family to cut down use of electricity in their day-to-day activities and to educate people about the consequence to the Earth. This run will do people take an action to against planetary heating that already happened in our Earth.

Cultural Context

The undertaking would be based in Singapore family electricity use. Singapore is a well-developed state with a high Numberss of citizens and ensuing in high degree of electricity use. Singapore is a busy metropolis that can do a batch of energy to back up their industry. family. office. shopping promenade and etc. Singapore doesn’t have own beginning energy. but Singapore had a good authorities that can pull off their citizens’ energy use with a little land but large populations.

Singapore gets the energy from neighbor states such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Households and industries in Singapore used a record sum of electricity in 2010 – the highest monthly use in the last seven old ages. Economic activities have grown in the commercial and industrial sectors. which account for 75 per cent of the energy ingestion. That why. because Singapore is a busy metropolis. the people can manage their wonts from overused electricity.

Target market/Audience

This run will concentrate on family. because at place that’s the first wont that people/families did. The primary will be parents because the parents are the people who make the regulations or play an of import function in the place. The secondary will be the youth/teenagers because they must cognize how/about salvaging electricity to salvage the Earth as coevalss this twenty-four hours and for the hereafter.

• Singapore

• Male & A ; Female
• Family / Domestic Household
• Age Group:
– Parents ( 25 – 45 )
– Teenagers ( 12 – 20 )
– Children ( 6 – 11 )
– Elderly ( 60+ )
• Middle to High-income scope

• Parents.
• Working people. fast-paced life style. seldom stay at place.
• High-tech people
• Teenagers who like to play computing machine. electronic games.
• Peoples who would wish to cognize more about salvaging electricity. *

• Can cut down the consequence of electricity use to the Earth. • Peoples can larn more how to salvage the electricity and their money. • Peoples in Singapore can larn more environmentally friendly.

• Peoples still disregarding about the overexploitation of electricity
• Most people non good informed about the consequence of overexploitation electricity.

• To derive support and to educate the populace
• To retrieve the populace about nest eggs electricity with run that already done in Singapore.
• To distribute the existent information about the cost and the solution to minimise electricity use in Singapore.

• Public behavioral alteration
• Public head set alteration


This run will have a print advertisement that is a posting series that supported by the authorities. web design for this run. and besides an application for smart phone as a consideration.

Success step

These runs will success if people start take action to minimise the electricity. When people start prioritise electricity nest eggs and when the figure of electricity use in Singapore show that the figure are diminishing by altering Singaporeans behaviour.

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