EMS 7 Science Ch 2 EMS 7 Science Chapte

Question Answer
Understanding scientific principles and thinking scientifically can help you solve ________ and answer questions throughout your life. problems
If you have ever bought something in a store, you are a ________. Understanding science can help you make better choices about the products you buy and use. consumer
A negative result of either taking or not taking an action cost
a good consequence of taking an action benefit
One benefit of cell phones is the better communication abilities. Since this is a benefit – it must be a ___________ result. positive
Once cost of cell phone usage is an increase in automobile collisions. Since this is a cost, it must be a ________ result. negative
To be an informed citizen, you must make informed _________. In order to do that, you need to know the costs and benefits of taking an action. decisions
The knowledge and understanding of scientific terms and principles required for evaluating information, making personal decisions, and taking part in public affairs scientific literacy
an idea about a situation that is not supported by evidence. opinion
observations and conclusions that have been repeated evidence
You can analyze scientific ________ by looking for bias and errors in research. Also by evaluating data and identifying faulty reasoning. claims
When companies are trying to sell the consumer a service or a good, they often use scientific claims in their ________________. So it is a good idea to analyze those claims before making purchases based upon them. advertisements
An example of an ____________ in research is not performing enough tests to draw a reliable conclusion error
s, you need relevant and reliable background ________________. information
Information that relates to the question being asked is _________________ information relevant
Information that comes from a person or a source that is not biased is ______________________ information. reliable
Generally, websites operated by universities, governments, and museums are reliable ______________ of information sources
A public disagreement between groups with different views controversy
The work that scientists do changes _________________. In turn, ________________ influences the work of scientists society
An example of thinking scientifically is finding out how things _____. work
There are _____ main areas (or branches) of science 3
The study of living things, including plants, animals and microscopic life forms is called ________ science. This science includes the study of the human body, plants, animals, and microscopic life forms. life
Earth and space science is the study of _________________ and its place in the universe. This can include the study of water, weather, rocks, soil, planets and stars. Earth
The study of energy, motion, sound, light, electricity and magnetism is called ________________ science. physical
The _______________ that have shaped the earth throughout its history (like earthquakes and volcanoes) are also an are studied by those in earth science. forces
Physical science can also include _________________ – the study of matter that makes up all things. chemistry
Most scientific questions need the work of scientists from many fields to answer them. That's why most scientists work in _____________ with scientists from other fields. teams
In many non-science careers, knowledge of ________________ is essential to perform the job. science

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