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Despite the dismal employment prospects being faced nationwide, the job scene in Virginia provides to job seekers a moderate level of hope. Blackwell (2008) reports that the state has recently experienced record highs in its payroll levels. This has been especially true in the non-agricultural sector. While areas such as leisure, hospitality and construction have responded to the general decline in consumer confidence throughout the nation, other areas of the Virginian economy have experienced enough growth to achieve near stability in the overall employment rate.

As a result of this, the state experienced only a slight increase in unemployment from October to November, bringing the rate up to 3 percent. In contrast with the national average of 5 percent, this rate is very low and represented the eighth lowest rate in the country for that period. Things continue to look hopeful for December.

Therefore, depending on the sector in which you apply, the Virginia job market is prospectively a fruitful area in which to seek employment.


Blackwell, John Reid, “Unemployment in Area up Slightly in November: Virginias rate also rose a bit as people sought seasonal jobs,” McClatchy-Tribune Business News, Jan. 10, 2008, http://mutex.

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