“Empire Finance Group” Ponzi Scheme Misleading People With “Shiny Video”

It has come to my attention that there is a HYIP Ponzi scheme operating under the name “Empire Finance Group” on the domain “empfinance.com”, which has recently started to mislead people with a “shiny new video” by making them believe it is a real deal.In its new video presentation, the Ponzi scheme is trying to look legit by using a fancy studio office and professional actors. The scheme is pretending that what people see in the video are actual employees and a real office. This trick has used in the past by programs such as Benson Union which of course collapsed as every other HYIP Ponzi scheme.

In their video Empire Finance Group is promising ridiculous returns of over 1% per day for terms of up to 100 days. They are also actively trying to indulge innocent people in the promotion of the Ponzi scheme by promoting an affiliate program as well as a regional representative program.

Empire Finance Group is claiming to be active since 2010, which can easily be proven as a lie. The alleged investment company has changed their investment plans and websites several time during the past 3 years, which can easily be verified by using Waybackmachine and Google Image Search. In fact the scheme operating under empfinance.com is not older than one year by now and thus near to collapse already.

We recommend to cease from investing into or promoting this website at any cost, as it is a criminal scheme and you do not want to be involved in it.

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