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Emotional Intelligence is one of emotional quotient which is very important to allow us to be successful in managing our lives, environment, and the people around us since EQ will helps us to control our selves better, make a good relationships and business deal that will impact our life so much.

Emotional intelligence helps us to build our life. Generally, emotional intelligence divided into two parts, Intrapersonal emotional quotient and Interpersonal emotional quotient. Intrapersonal EQ is about a competence to manage and understand our self better. While Intrapersonal EQ is divided into three parts again, self awareness, self regulation, and motivation. Then, Interpersonal EQ is about how you manage the society, and it is about the relation between you and people around you. Interpersonal EQ is divided into two parts, Empathy and social skills.

Basically, the importances of emotional intelligence are to help people to know their own abilities or strength and weaknesses. By knowing our emotional intelligence, we will be able to know where our strengths at are and our limits. It also help people to handle their works. If we don’t know our own abilities and limits, we tend to think that we are the best, we can handle everything well, and over self confident. All of those kind of thinking can lead us to a frustration and failure life. As we do not recognize who we are, don’t recognize our self.

The ability to recognize our elf is called self awareness which is a part of EQ by Daniel Goldman. EQ also helps people to handle their selves better with the change of emotions. A person’s emotion can changes over times. If a person’s mood is changing, EQ can help to control it well to avoid unwanted things. For example, once we are not in a good mood, we can easily get angry or upset, then our attitudes will be beyond our control, and it affecting the activities we are doing and a relationships. A person can have a good self control if they know their own EQ ability well.

Usually, it is called as elf management, a potential to change negative emotions to positive emotions. Self management affected our self positively. It is a part of Intrapersonal EQ. Another advantages by knowing our EQ, is to help you do works better as EQ is about how to motivate our self and to be persistence in order to achieve the goal. A right motivation that a person have can lead them to a positive thinking way with positive attitude too, they can cover the obstacles they face, never give up and keep trying towards a goals.

In snort way, they will not give up easily, try to destroy the imit they have and try to solve the problem, not making it worse, it helps you to have inspiration to do your works. So, create a good motivation for a person is necessary to have a successful career and life. Fourthly, EQ plays a big role in human relationships and partnerships as EQ helps people to understand the feelings of people surround you. You can know the emotion of people from their perspective and help them to improve their self.

In addition, there are a lot of people in this world think with different ways of thinking that you have to know how to manage it. Since we do not know with what kind of people we will work together in the future, understanding EQ is really important for your social awareness. The skills to understand other people’s emotions are called empathy, “The ability to understand emotional make up of other people” (Estes, 2009). Then, the most important point of EQ is to help us to increase our ability in social skills. It is necessary for human being to be work together as a team or group to achieve goals.

In our live, we will work with many people in a team, in presentation, in orking area, school, even in your home you have to work with your family. We need to have an ability to manage the relationships as if you could not handle it well, you will be in trouble, like fighting, argument, etc. The more you can manage your relationships and build a good network, the easier will you success in your work area as you get more knowledge from different people and different culture. Finally, emotional intelligence also helps people to have an ability to make a good business deal.

A person that is having a high emotional intelligence might be more productive. They can face complicated situations and handle it well in right solutions. It means you can work faster than other people as you can motivate yourself with a right motivation to achieve what you want to. In addition, you can make a good decision in business deal because you can make a good partnership and understand what they want. We can talk and tell about our point of view in a way that is not hurting the other side feeling, with a way that people can get it and accept it.

People with this kind of ability may probably have a higher possibility to become a superior erformer and have high opportunities to achieve a good position in life as the company and people in the environment are trusted in you. In conclusion, there are two parts of emotional intelligence, intrapersonal EQ and interpersonal EQ. Emotional Intelligence brings a big impact in man life because EQ helps you to know our self and emotions better, in addition EQ helps you in managing your own emotions. Besides that, EQ also make us have a good motivation towards your goal that is important in the work place or business deal

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