Emotional Intelligence Paper

After taking the emotional intelligence quiz, I found that my overall score was a 104. This score according to the testing sight is satisfactory, but has room for improvement. The test result was that I was adequately skilled at understanding and dealing with emotions but still needed to improve in these areas (Emotional Intelligence Test). When it comes to strengths, the testing showed my approach to problem solving is conductive to resolution and that I am doing well when it comes to emotional understanding.

The emotional understanding part of the test showed that I am killed and knowledgeable when it comes to emotional integration. It says that my understanding of the profoundness of emotions and how complicated they can be is very high. This area also showed that I did very well when choosing the right path to take in a given situation in order to solve conflict. In all cases given, I was able to choose the most effective way to deal with conflict.

This area of the test also pointed out that I am relatively empathetic, and try to put myself in the shoes of others, even when it may be hard to do at times. Also included in this portion of the test, was that I am very insightful, and am very capable of taking context into consideration when making Judgments about the emotions and behaviors of others. The test further stated that my performance on the integration aspect portion of the test was very well.

My choices for the conflict situations on the test were good forms of resolution and I was considered socially insightful in this area. Other strengths that were listed after taking the test were that I had healthy coping skills, am very driven when it comes to furthering my self-development, I do well when it comes to rising above minor issues and I am willing and able to adapt my social skills to fit different circumstances around me (Emotional Intelligence Test). The emotional intelligence test also gave some feedback on potential strengths.

The test showed that I am somewhat aware of my strengths and weaknesses and that I am doing reasonably well when it comes to the Emotional Facilitation of Thought area of testing. This portion of the test showed that I am someone who, in most circumstances, will use my emotions to guide me. It shows that I am aware of the guiding potential which comes from my emotions and how they have the ability to erect my Judgment, reasoning and my actions. The testing suggests that when I use this internal guidance system along with cognitive thought processes, I am better able to view situations from several different angels.

The test showed that my mindset is moderately positive and that I sometimes act in accordance with my values (Emotional Intelligence Test). Then, there was the portion of the test that showed some of my limitations and areas which needed some improvement. When it comes to emotional expression, perception and expression, The test showed that this as an area where I could use some improvement to better understand and perceive others emotions as well as my own. The test showed that I am a little out of touch with my own emotions and fail to always identify what my true feelings are.

It also showed that I am not always at ease when dealing with my emotions, but do have a good understanding of my strengths and limitations (Emotional Intelligence Test). In order for me to be able to successfully overcome these weaknesses I feel that it is best to fully understand them and know what they are. Being a leader doesn’t mean o are perfect, but a true leader does accept the fact that they have weaknesses and use their strengths to overcome them.

As a leader I would take from this test all my strengths and weaknesses and look at where I can improve. For instance, I can work harder at connecting with my emotions and at really understanding the emotions of others. I can also take more time in dealing with my own emotions, which in turn will lead to a better understanding of others emotions as well. Work Cited 1. Emotional Intelligence Test Detailed Results. Retrieved September 1, 2014, from http://testosterone. Psychotics. Com/bin/report?

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