EMC ISM – Information Storage and Management v2 Exam

What is the process of continuously gathering information on various elements and services in a
data center?
How is the internal transfer rate of disk drives defined?
*Speed* at which data moves from a platter’s surface to the internal *buffer*
Which process defines the writing of physical address information to a disk?
An application requires 1.46 TB of capacity. The application generates 7200 IOPS to disks during
peak workloads. The vendor indicates that a 146 GB, 15K rpm drive is capable of performing a
maximum of 180 IOPS at 70% utilization.
Where does a host-based volume manager map a file system block?
Logical Extent
What describes application virtualization?
Breaks the dependency between the application and the *underlying platform*
A stripe depth of 32 KB has been assigned to a five-disk RAID 5 set. What is the stripe size?
Which RAID type is recommended for a high performance, write-intensive business critical
application with small random writes?
RAID 1+0
How can the loss of uncommitted cached data be minimized when there is a cache failure?
Cache *mirroring*
Which cache algorithm will optimize a storage array’s I/O response time if sequential access is
Read ahead
What is the correct sequence of steps in a read-miss operation with cache?
1. Host issues a read request
2.Read request is issued to Disk
3.Data is copied to cache
4. Data is sent to Host
Consider a storage array with two LUNs that store data for the engineering and marketing
departments One LUN is masked to the engineering department; the second LUN is masked to
the marketing department. What is a benefit of this architecture?
*Risk* to data integrity and security is *reduced*
Which cache management algorithm occurs continuously, at a modest rate, when the cache
utilization level is between the high and low watermark?
*Idle* flushing
A customer requires a highly scalable SAN environment. Which SAN topology should be
A customer wants the flexibility to attach any host to any switch port without affecting the zoning
configurations. Which zoning method(s) should be recommended?
WWN zoning
What is a benefit of block-level storage virtualization?
Enables users to perform *nondisruptive* data migrations
How many Domain IDs are reserved in the fabric in the Fibre Channel address space?
In an FC SAN environment, what does a Domain ID represent?
Switch ID
What is a sequence’ in a Fibre Channel (FC) data structure?
*Contiguous* set of frames that correspond to an information *unit*
How do VSANs work?
*Each VSAN* acts as an independent fabric with its own set of fabric services
Which fabric service provides information about other logged in nodes after receiving a query from
a node?
Name server
What is a characteristic of iSNS?
Provides a *list* of available targets to the initiator
Which two protocols leverage IP as a transport mechanism?
What is one way that iSCSI initiators can discover their targets?
Using an *Internet* Storage Name Service
An organization wants to interconnect their distributed FC SANs for disaster recovery
implementations. Which protocol is recommended to connect the FC SANs?
What is a function of the Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF)?
*Encapsulates* and de-encapsulates FC frames
Which FCoE feature enables consistent configuration parameters across the network?
Data center bridging exchange protocol
Which functionality enables creating virtual links on a single physical link and independently pausing a virtual link in an FCoE environment?
Priority-based flow control
What is a key requirement that drives an organization to deploy a NAS solution?
*Data sharing* between heterogeneous operating environments
What is an element of a NAS head?
Optimized operating system
Which NAS implementation creates a single file system that runs on all NAS nodes in a cluster?
Which feature(s) ensures that the stored content has NOT been altered in a CAS system?
Content *integrity*
What is a role of the metadata service in object-based storage?
*Maps* object IDs to the file system namespace
What is a characteristic of EMC Atmos?
Supports storage *multitenancy*
What is an accurate statement if the recovery time objective (RTO) of an application is 4 hours?
Production must be resumed within 4 hours after a *failure*
When reviewing the disaster recovery plan for two data centers, you find that:
The copy of data at remote Site B will lag behind the production data at Site A by 5 minutes
It will take 2 hours after an outage at Site A to shift production to Site B.
Three more hours will be needed to power up the servers, bring up the network, and redirect
users to Site B.
What is the recovery point objective (RPO) of this plan?
5 minutes
Which factor is a measurement of system reliability?
Mean time between *failures*
What is required for a successful backup of all files during a hot backup?
*Open* file agent
Which component of a backup system is responsible for maintaining configuration information and
backup metadata?
Backup server
Which NAS backup environment uses a NAS head to retrieve data from storage over a SAN and then send the data directlyto the backup device?
NDMP *two-way*
What is a benefit of source-based deduplication over target-based deduplication?
Only unique data is sent over the network to be *backed up*
What is a characteristic of target-based inline deduplication?
*Deduplication* processing occurs at the *backup device* before it is stored on the backup device
In a copy on first access (CoFA) technique, when is data copied from the source to the target?
A *read or write* is issued for the first time to a location on the target
A customer wants 24×7 availability for a business application that uses a file system. Which
operation ensures a consistent replica of the file system?
*Flush* the file system buffers *before* creation of the replica
An application uses ten, 15 GB devices. A pointer-based full volume replica of the application is
required. The replica will be kept for 24 hours and the data changes by 10% every 24 hours.
How much storage should be allocated for the replication?
150 GB
In a virtualized environment, which method enables a virtual machine to be rolled back in case of a
logical corruption to the virtual machine?
VM snapshot
Which EMC product is a VNX array-based local replication software that creates a full volume
mirror of the source?
SnapView Clone
What should be considered when determining the recovery point objective (RPO) in a log shipping
remote replication?
*Frequency* of *log* switching
What must be done before LVM-based replication can take place between a source and remote
Perform an initial synchronization
Which migration technique moves the active state of a virtual machine (VM) without powering off
the VM?
What describes the state of the remote device during the data migration process?
*Host* access to the remote device is *not allowed*
What describes a community cloud model?
*Cloud* infrastructure is shared by organizations with *shared concerns*
In which cloud service model does the consumer have control over deployed applications but NOT
over databases and operating systems?
What is an example of an SaaS offering?
EMC Mozy
A careful analysis of financial benefits provides a clear picture about the cost savings in cloud adoption. Which two factors should the analysis compare?
What is a challenge to consumers in adopting a public cloud?
Vendor lock-in
What are the three primary goals of information security?
Availability, confidentiality, and *integrity*
How can an organization reduce vulnerabilities in their environment?
*Minimize* the attack surface and *maximize* the work factor
What is an example of corrective control?
*Running* an antivirus program after denial of service
What is recommended for a SAN security architecture?
Multiple *integrated* layers of security
Which security feature is available in a Microsoft Windows file sharing environment using Network
Attached Storage?
Discretionary Access Control Lists *(DACL)*
In a NAS environment, what is a role of the Kerberos protocol?
*Allow* clients to prove their identity to the servers
What is included as part of SAN accessibility monitoring?
Port status change
Which EMC product enables configuration of Vblock resources and the activation of cloud
Unified *Infrastructure* Manager
What is an example of an availability management task?
Installing *multipatching* software
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