Email Marketing – key terms and concepts

What are the 3 elements of subscriber management?
1. Data Collection
2. Data Segmentation
3. Data Management
Define Segmentation
Defining and subdividing a market into clearly identifiable segments or having similar needs, wants or characteristics..and can be individual consumers.
Personalize communication based on specific characteristics of audience groups
What factors are considered in Segmentation
Stage in Life Cycle
RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)
Actives, sleepers, dormant, advocates, dead. Build strategies and a lifecycle for each segment
Define Dynamic Segmentation
Segmentation can be based on INTERACTION… i.e. on info gathered throughout the relationship/lifecycle and based on their behaviour. It can drive REALTIME engagement
Jan: Subscription
Feb: clicks on email
Mar: Visit website
Apr: Shares topic
May: Likes on FB
2 Key engagement metrics for Email
Within email in terms of
– no. of clicks
– Top links Clicked
– clicks per person
– total clicks and no clicks
Define Email Client
An email client, email reader or Maul User Agent (MAU) is a program used to access and manage a user’s emails
e.g. Gmail, Outlook, iPhone Mail App, Hotmail, etc.
When Users scan their incoming mail and prioritise, what do they base this on?
Consumer Prioritisation Criteria Factors
– Time of day
– location
– sender familiarity
– work priorities
– personal priorities
Key factors affecting email open rates
Subject Line – first 2-3 words are crucial (truncated view)
– test test test (split testing)
Alt Text
In an email, it is the text displayed instead of the actual email (some MAU’s / email clients have this turned off)
Design tips –
< 25 characters use SEO keywords , describe PURPOSE not name of image e.g. product photo with link to product page
Should you use attachments in emails?
almost NEVER
Risky >
trigger span alert
lower open rates
create security concern
Best practices for email on mobil
– responsive
– can be viewed and acted upon regardless of platform/device
– above/below the fold: key message & CTA above
What triggers spam filters
– image/text imbalance
– use of all capitals
– irregular font sizes
– only all images
– attachments
– phrases like ‘click here, sale, offer, free, obscene terms
soft bounce vs. hard bounce
soft – email address was valid & email message reached the mail server however it bounced for a reason e.g. inbox full, server down, msg too large (short term issue)
hard – permanently rejected b/c email address invalid or does not exist (remove immediately)
Best times to schedule email
B2B: Tue & Thurs 10-12 & 2-4pm
B2C: varies by industry. test/split test to confirm
generally after 5pm
Quality scale of interaction
hierarchy / pyramid
Act: subscriber purchases on the website (TOP)
^ Spread – forward, likes/re-tweet msg
^ Interact – clicks on link or replied
^ Receive – receives & opens message
Email Service Provider
Plan of Action
a clear roadmap for carrying out all the tactics necessary for your email strategy. It specifies whom, when, for how long, and what budget/resources are required for each tactic. Also coordinates them chronological order where necessary
Unsolicited email is also known as ________ . Choose one from the following to complete the sentence.


In order to manage your email marketing campaign you wish to monitor certain key statistics. Which one of the following illustrates the relevance of the campaign to the target audience?
-Open Rate
-Click Through Rate
Open Rate
There are many factors which affect email open rates. Choose ONE factor which affects open rates from the list below:
-Time of Day
-Sender Name
-Sender Name
There are many attributes which contribute to good online data collection. Choose ONE list of the following which best describes these attributes.
-Customer Purchase
-Prompted Email Survey
-Purchase Mailing List
-Research on Each Individual
Customer Purchase
Which one of the following describes the three main elements of data management in email marketing?
– Maintenance, Segmentation, Subscription Service
– Subscriber Contact, Maintenance, Differentiation
– Collection, Segmentation, Management
– Subscriber Capture, Maintenance, Subscriber Contact
– Subscriber Capture, Maintenance, Subscriber Contact
Users carry out an informal prioritisation by scanning their incoming mail. Choose ONE of the following which best describes this process.
– Email Preview Content, Sender Familiarity, Subject Line
– Sender Seniority, Time of Day, Sender Likeability
– Sender Familiarity, Subject Line, Personal Priorities
– Time of Day, Location, Personal Priorities
Time of Day, Location, Personal Priorities
Some elements of incoming mail are more likely to trigger your email SPAM filter more than others. Choose ONE of the following which is most likely to activate this filter.
– Email Footer
– Attachments
– No mention of Recipient Name in Body
– Large Word Count with Concise Paragraphs
What factors do email filters filter email on? Choose TWO from the following:
– Certain symbols and colours
– Certain phrases and attachments
– Certain images and font colours
– Text imbalance and images
Certain phrases and attachments
There are many advantages to using an external email service provider. Choose ONE from the list below.
– Free
– Never goes down
– Guaranteed Increased Open Rates
– No Hardware Cost
No Hardware Cost
Defined as Both Unsolicited AND Bulk email
Unsolicited – not granted verifiable permission
Bulk – set as larger collection of messages w/identical content

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