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You can attach any file — word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphics,

photographs, even sounds — to an e-mail message. To attach a file to your

e-mail Click Write. Click Attachments. In the Attachments window, click Attach.

Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to attach. Double-click

the file you want to attach. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other files you want to

attach. Click OK. Notes The maximum size for a file attachment you can send to

another AOL member is 15 MB. The maximum size for a file attachment you can send

to an Internet address is 2 MB. The recipient must have software that is

compatible with your file(s). For example, if you send someone a WordPerfect

file, your recipient must have either WordPerfect or a word processing program

capable of opening WordPerfect files. Also make sure the file is compatible with

your recipient’s computer; a Macintosh machine may not be able to read some

Windows files, and vice versa.

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