Eletronic Health Records

EHR/EMR software is more comprehensive than practice management software because it:
Includes clinical documentation
Allows for ePrescribing, has moblie applications and assists in information exchange
A patient is entered into the patient list
In the long term, cost will____ when transitioning to an eletronic health record system
The process of moving a patient from appointment making through check-out is called
Patient flow
Clincial documentation of a patient’s visit is known as the
Progess note
An encounter form is also as a/an
The _____ is a form used to bill inpatient claims
One factor that might contribute to slow acceptance of EHR’s is
Security fears
PrimeSUITE’s User guide is accessed through the _____ feature
The ______ is an example of clinical information that is collected through an EHR
Plan of care
_______ is not easily attained when using a manual record system
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