Element Identification Based on Atomic Structure

1 proton, 1 electron
Hydrogen (H)
2 neutrons, 2 electrons, neutral charge
Helium (He)
Weight of 16 amu, 8 neutrons
Oxygen (O)
When it has 18 electrons, its charge is +1
Potassium (K)
3 electrons, 4 neutrons, neutral charge
Lithium (Li)
Number of neutrons in Fluorine atom if the weight is 19
10 neutrons
Number of electrons in Chlorine atom if the charge is -1
18 electrons
Number of protons in Nitrogen atom if the weight is 15
7 protons (Always! Protons define the atomic identity. Neutrons may change.)
Weight of an oxygen isotope if the neutron number is 10.
18 amu
20 neutrons, weight of 40 amu
Calcium (Ca)
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