Element Facts

The anthracite type of coal is most valuable as a fuel because it has the highest percentage of this element compared to other coal types
One allotrope of this element is a white, waxy, highly flammable solid
This gas is produced in many automobile air bag systems through the triggered decomposition of solid sodium azide
Rare earth metal used to prepare the specialty glass used in welder’s masks and industrial strenth safety goggles to protect the eyes from intense UV and visible light emissions
Natural deposits of this yellow solid are found around the globe from volcanic activity
Major component in sand, glass, and naturally ocurring minerals
Most of the Earth’s deposits of this are found in the hydrate coupound borax
Lesser known non-metal used in shampoos because it kills bacteria in dandruff
Highly reactive, can initiate bonding with large noble gas atoms to form noble gas compounds with expanded octets
Highly poisionous to humans because we mistake it for phosphorous because of its similarities in molecular shape and bonding
Poisonous gas primarily obtained through electrolsis of sea water
Has the highest melting point of all metals and also a very high density. Commonly used in alloys for heavy duty power tools and in light bulb filaments
Metal that is sometimes referred to as ‘quick silver’ and only metal to exist naturally as a liquid
Compounds containing this transition metal tend to be very colorful due to a variety of possible oxidation states and electron detail differences
Metal that’s a key ingredient in the production of steel as it improves upon the ability of iron to be shaped and molded for the many applications of steel
Basic, everyday user magnets often include this element in compound or alloy form
Rare transition metal that can be chemically isolated from crude oil and used in the production of valuable alloys and sulfuric acid
Brass and Galvanized steel are very common modern metals that incorporate the use of this element
Strong but lightweight metal that is used in the transportation industry given the fact that it easily oxidizes to form a protective surface coating
When melted and mixed with liquid copper it makes homogenenous alloy bronze
Precious metal used as catalyst in automotive exhaust systems and the development of hydrogen fuel cells
Most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, prrimarily isolated through the mining of the natural ore bauxite
Nanotubes, a synthesized allotrope of this element, feature extensive connections of ring segments resulting in a very unique and strong material. Uses for this modern, man-made material include the newest electronics, technology and even sporting goods and products
Majority of the world’s natural supply of this is found in Canadian mines, probably because of a large scale meterorite impact
Semi-metal of value in the electronics industry as a unique semi-conductor of electricity. Uses for this element include roles in transistors and modern fiber optics applications
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