Electrons and Atooms



Electromagnetic Radiation


is form of energy that exhibits wavelike behaviors as it travel through the space.





is the shortest distance between equivalent point on a continous wave.





is the number of waves that pass a given piont per second.





of a wave is the wave’s height from the origin to a crest, ot forn the origin to a trough.



Electomagnetic Spectrum

also called the EM spectrum, emcompose all form of electomagnetic radiation with only difference in the type of radiation bring their frequencies and wavelength.





is the minimum amount of energy that can gained or lost by an atom.



Plank’s Constent



has a value of 6.625×10-34 J.S, where J is the symbol for the joule the SI unit of energy.



Photoelectic Effects

electrons, called photelecton are emitted from metal surface when light of a certain frequency shines on the surface.





is a particle of electomagnetic radiation with no mass that cause a quantum of energy.



Atomic Emission Spectrum


of an element is the set of frequencies of the electomagnetic wave emitted by atoms of the elements.

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