Electronics in the Home

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Electronics play an important role in modern homes today by making our live easier and save us time and money. My personal favorite electronic device is the Sony Play Station 3. (The ultimate entertainment system! ) The Sony PS3 is a modern marvel with a reasonable price of $299. 00. The PS3 can save you lots of money by replacing many items in your home because of its ability to do so many different tasks. The PS3 has the ability to play both standard and blu-ray DVDs. It has library of over 5000 video games, and internet capabilities replacing computers in many homes. With the web cam and blu tooth it takes communicating to the next level.

The PS3 can be used to have live virtual chat. If everyone had a PS3 in their homes people would not need telephones! The PS3 plays and stores all your MP3s and music CDs. It can also store all your photos and be a virtual photo album. With free wireless internet access to the PS3 store play station owners have instant access to thousands of movies available for instant rent or purchase. This makes going to the video store a thing of the past because you never have to worry about returning rented movie to the store. When you’re not using the PS3 you can donate your PS3’s processor with the “Folding at Home” application.

Folding at Home” uses its amazing processing power to help science students at Stanford University find cures for diseases such as cancer. PS3s are networked together running virtual experiments so that students may use the data to discover cures for everything from the flu to AIDS. Donating your PS3 power gives you a tax break! At the end of the year you get to print out a certificate that shows how many hours you donated and get a small relief on you taxes while doing a good deed! This electronic device made a huge impact on my family by making lives easier; I know that it has impacted my home by saving me precious time and money.

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