Electronic Records Management And Dental Records Analysis Essay

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The findings revealed the lack of compliance with the guideline and policy, Patient Records and Billing System of Dry. Patella’s Roth-Dental Clinic 3-1 while a number of problems arose on the Issues related to guidelines and policy related to ERM. ANACONDA] The results shows that there is a need to apply ERM systematically to ensure that records created today would be assessable, useable, readable, preserved, reliable and authentic to ensure the good governance and preserve the corporate memory.

The findings Indicated that it has Initiative; good capacity building and excellent solutions can be made, it may even be necessary to establish the principle that all electronic records are considered part of the organization’s record management system. 3. 1. 3 Electronic Dental Records: A case study An electronic dental record system is one of the most essential record systems which allow the patient’s primary information – Name, Age, Birthday, primary findings and other necessary records to be kept properly.

It uses several processes that will function for record keeping. [THOROUGH] As patients become easier about their healthcare and more frugal with their money, it is of utmost importance that dentists have the latest, greatest, and most innovative genealogy. In particular, moving from paper records to electronic dental records (Deer) can boost a practice’s bottom line, while directly benefiting patients. They converted to Deer in 2005 as an owner dentist associated with Pacific Dental Services (PADS), a dental business support services organization.

PADS was able to evaluate the vendors and negotiate fair prices as well as offer technology training sessions to ensure a smooth transition. As a result, there was no hesitation from the staff that would be responsible for using electronic records on a daily basis, and office morale remained high through the transition period. 3-2 The process defined that the problem of this study is how to reduce the risk of data loss and reduction of paper works and time loss. It shows the accuracy and precision of the system. 3. 2 Related Literature 3. 2. Electronic Dental Records Electronic dental records (Deer) have become a topic of increasing interest for practicing dentists, especially now that the administrative functions in practice management systems have matured to the degree that they barely warrant mention. Marketed under names such as the digital dental office, integrated clinical solutions, paperless systems, and electronic patient or health records, Deer represent the next frontier for the dental information technology industry in the quest to digitize (almost) every aspect of dental practice. BOTTOM’S] Electronic Dental Charts is a computerized voice-recognition programs allow a single clinician to input data to the patient record very efficiently. Once the data has been computerized, it can be viewed in several different formats: numeric; bar graph; line rape; change between recordings; various color coding; and other techniques to periodontal probes provide another method to acquire periodontal data efficiently without an assistant. The system’s aim is to make dental clinics “paperless” meaning “getting rid of paper. There are still some questions to be answered for example, if the DARED is appropriate for representing information that is typically stored in paper records. And also, how does the interface of the system impact the dentists themselves in their ability to work. 3-3 3. 2. 2 Electronic Records Management n Luxembourg: Challenges and Perspectives In order to comply with regulations or for management purposes, it is increasingly required that information be stored for long periods of time. Moreover, to retain their legal value, such records need to have the following properties: authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability.

But how can these characteristics are guaranteed in an electronic environment? This problem is of major concern in Luxembourg, where a large part of the economy consists of service companies with a strong technological background. [COLLECTS] To solve this problem, it is necessary to use Electronic Records Management Systems (ARMS) that satisfy the requirements related to good records management. The system has a workflow that follows; after a document met the requirements of the policy, it is captured by the ARMS and becomes a record.

It ends when a record reaches the end of its legal or internal use and will be deleted. 3. 2. 3 Integrating Medical and Dental Records: A New Frontier in Health Information Management As healthcare evolves from a paper to an electronic environment, there is growing connection of the importance of integrating electronic dental and health record this integration is lacking, there is a movement by ERR vendors toward development of products that will support the seamless integration of these records. EARDRUMS] The article examines the importance of integrating medical and dental records in terms of improving patient continuity of care. And it explores the implications of this integration for the health information profession. And also the article says that the need for health IT and HIM professionals is rising. It s expected that much of the need for health IT expertise is expected in physician offices. 3-4 3. Synthesis The proposed system has some similar factors from the related literature which are the needs to apply Electronic Record Management systematically to ensure that records created today would be more consistent, accurate and reliable in assurance of good service of the business. It also identifies the patients’ information to be gathered. Studies also show that reduction of the risk of data loss, paper works and time loss will be met. And based on their study, there are still many dental clinics hat are using a manual input in recording data.

Billing system is also included in their study since their study also shows that there are also many dental clinics that are using a manual computation of prices and history of billing process. The related study also tells that the system’s aim is to make dental clinics to be more efficient by using electronic records. The system will not cover the printing of receipts in the billing process and it will not cover electronic dental charts since the proposed system is limited to only the maintenance of records and the billing system.

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