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More Than Electronic Dance Music (Electronic Dance Music) Isn’t set to be of one particular type of music, but rather variously. Has now gotten the recognition It deserves Internationally more than it did years ago. Its songs are a lot broader as well, so therefore it easily illustrates all the different tones it has. This specific song that’s been playing popularly since Spring/Summer of this year by Sebastian “Reload” featuring Tommy Trash and John Martin is now roaming around the internet, and radio etc.

It was released exactly a year ago, before it became this huge hit as it Is at the moment, because of more started playing it at their sets etc. , people started to demand It more, and more, so for that It took off from there. It starts off really up tempo for about a minute, and two seconds then the beat dies off, and the artists start singing the song really slow almost making it sound like a mellow song than an up tempo song. As they start singing the song, the beat starts to slowly rise up, and it almost sounds as though the beat, and lyrics doesn’t fit, but it does.

That’s the beauty of an song. It’s unexpectedly well put together to mash up evenly. The lyrics are always short for some reason, because the focus Is all on the beat since It’s what makes the song an overall project etc. Producers, , Singers, etc are the reason behind every hit ME songs today. The DC is usually the person who rearranges the song, and mashes it up with a different song (meaning use someone song and create a whole new beat), so the result of that will come out as the song was initially created as that.

The singer/singers are the people who are the reason why the song will sound different after they record etc. , because the range ND different sound of their voices are what can make or break the song overall. The producer is usually the person that edits the song when finished in case there’s something missing, or if something needs to be added for the final editing etc. The final project should be ready when it went through all these process to get done on time for a release.

It’s actually amusing how different sounds can change any mood, especially when it’s an song. Most of songs are about love, so it’s a love story being told through the lyrics, and the music Itself. On top of all that the video lays a big role for each songs that comes out as well, because It’s telling the story (song) in action with every line from the song, and every move of the video. What’s so different with songs on videos are the way it’s shot, meaning for a pop singer they’ll show the singer singing the words etc. But with the singer may be part of the video, but not actually lip singing the song etc. For that, the video Is a movement of story being told both ways from the song, and the video Itself. That’s where stands out as a genre than all the other genres. Sometimes people become more of a an of the video than the song, but that’s rarely the case with songs/videos. The song, and its overall production should always be cohesive, and on point when it comes to an Deed’s music.

The reason for that isn’t because to forcibly stand out, and persuade people to listen/watch their songs/videos, but because that’s the art of it automatically moves people Internally, and externally. Most of the time when songs are being played at nightclubs the crowd dances from the sound, and not the search for them, because the chorus of the song might be catchy to them, so wherefore they’ll sing along that way, but merely it’s all about the production, and the final result of the song than any other criteria with . When night has become the day They’re sending you far away So, so far away When everything starts to fade You don’t have to be afraid No, you don’t have to be afraid” ( Lyrics). This is the intro of the song “Reload” as it was described in the second paragraph, and right after the first verse the beat slowly rises up , and continuously stay constant as that, then it approaches into the chorus of the song; “Take my hand and reload This is free love That’s what we are made of Yes we are-are-are Reload This is real love Yes we are-are-are” (AS Lyrics).

As the chorus go on, the song slows down, and rises up again continuously as the song comes to an end. When hearing this song to be exact, how it starts, and how it ends is unexpected (in a good way). Has no Justification because it’s the genre that merely always speaks for itself rather than having someone to cut it down one by one to elaborate further, or add any emphasis on it. It speaks for itself because of the motion it brings, the energy it sends off, and the vibe people absorbs. Recalling back to the first time hearing the tune, the drop alone completely destroys dance floors, encompassing crazy energy both in the song and in the atmosphere no matter where it’s played” ( Insider). It’s almost as if it’s a whole new experience from music, but since now it’s gotten the recognition that’s been long overdue, people are finally appreciating the art of , and the entire message it tries to send to the people. Any music lover would understand and appreciate all the hard work put in these

songs because as flawless as the results may see, the processes etc. That goes into these songs aren’t easy to manage and control for a great song. To be specific and to narrow Deed’s criteria is almost impossible, because there are a lot of things that’d have to cover first in order to specify anything from it. With do times, it’s slowly merging into the music industry, although some may still be skeptical into having any interest for it, but those who do appreciate good music, they’ll always appreciate Deed’s music as long as it’s in existence.

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