Electron Test Review

3. What is a line spectrum/atomic emission spectrum? How is this diffferent from the continuous spectrum?
Line spectrum/atomic emission spectrum only shows certain colors or wavelengths. Continuous shows all colors and wavelengths.
Why is an atomic emission spectrum often called an atoms fingerprint?
Each element has their own characteristic line spectra
Why is the Bohr model only accurate for hydrogen?
Bohr couldn’t predict other’s wavelengths using math b/c they had more than 1 electron.
What is Heisenburg’s uncertainty principle? How does this help show that Bohr’s model isn’t entirely correct?
;-Both position and momentum of an electron cannot be simultaneously known. This helps show that the Bohr model isn’t entirely correct b/c it assumes we do know the momentum and position of an electron, but we don’t so we have to use probability to estimate the electrons location.
What is an orbital?
Space around the nucleus where there is a high probability of finding an electron
List the types of orbitals in order of increasing energy
s p d f
How many different types of s orbitals exist?
What does an S orbital look like?
What is the electron capacity of the s sublevel? Of one s orbital?
2 and 2
How many different types of P orbitals exist?
What do p orbitals look like?
What is the electron capacity of the p sublevel? Of one p orbital?
6 and 2
How many different types of d orbitals exist?
What is the electron capacity of a d sublevel? Of one d orbital?
10 and 2
Pauli exclusion principle
an atomic orbital may describe at most 2 electrons
Aufbau principle
electrons fill lower energy orbitals first
Hund’s rule
electrons occupy orbitals of the same energy in a way that makes the number of electrons with the same spin direction as large as possible
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