which electrochemical cell generates energy?
which electrochemical cell is nonspontaneous? what does it need to become spontaneous?

electrolytic cells (have +?S)


an eletric current can be passed through the solution

which electrochemical cell is spontaneous?
galvanic (?S is -)

Despite the cell type,

reduction always occurs at the _______

oxidation always occurs at the _______



anode (a =without

= e- are leaving)

For a galavanic cell the

anode  is _____

cathode is _____

(positive, negative)

anode: negative

(this where the e- are located, and they travel 



cathode: positive

For a electrolytic cell the

anode  is _____

cathode is _____

(positive, negative)

anode: positive

cathode: negative

Despite the cell type ,electrons always flow from ____ to ____
anode> cathode
the cell potential for a galavanic cell must be

greater than zero


the cell potential for a electrolytic cell must be

how do you calculate the cell potential?

(despite cell type)

E cell= E cathode– E anode
for an electrochemical cell, eletron flow creates
a cell potential
what 2 effects occur if electron flow stops?

1. cell potential is ZERO

2. system at equilibrium

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