Electrical Safety in Construction Sites

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Temporary Zone 0, Zone 1 conditions from activity Karnataka State Safety Institute JNB/March 2007 Problems of Temporary Electrical Installations • Grounding or Earthing 18 Proper earthing is essential for electrical safety – Condition in construction sites require frequent changes – Major tools & particularly hand tools depend on earthing for protection by sensing leakage • Flexible cords – Are a necessity for operation of tools • Codes recommend limiting length of cord. • Should be discarded after prescribed period of use, unless a proven laboratory test is performed at intervals • Karnataka State Safety Institute Zone 1 conditions from activity Temporary Zone 0, JNB/March 2007 19 Karnataka State Safety Institute JNB/March 2007

Safety of Electrical Workmen in Construction • Absence of or ignoring standard operating20 procedures for fault rectification – Trying to work without shut down in the interest of productivity – Bypassing protection devices – Non declaration of AUTHORISED person – Site communication system & integration – Non compliance to use of safety gloves, tools etc. , – Lack of documentation of installations & associated precautions, both Management & Employee. Karnataka State Safety Institute JNB/March 2007 Status: • • • • • • • • • 26% E&M out

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of total of 165 accidents per 1000 workers!!!

Construction employs 10 million people; 73% unskilled!!! Construction safety technical subject. Factory & Boilers – Technical Labour commissioner non-technical; 21 Large number of construction sites & governments not interested in increasing manpower. Self regulation by industry is necessary, as has been expressed. Example: Changes in contract forms – One-sided Legacy to FIDIC or CIDC Similar changes can be brought by industry with acceptability by government. Regulation or rules necessary from government for keeping a level equitable platform among different players.

WTO (India signed in 2006) may also come into play. Vague, but logic based restrictions have come from time to time Karnataka State Safety Institute JNB/March 2007 • Wrong to say Contractors &Builder not interested in safety & welfare of workers. – Cost of Accidents —loss of work, reputation. – Loss of worker morale & reduced productivity. – Today there is shortage of labour – (attrition ? ) Reaction to New Rules 22 • Expectations – – – – – Should not become inspector raj. Effective delivery of the committed objective. Worker migratory problems are multi-dimensional Geographic, Trade vise, seasonal.

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