ELA Vocab November 11th, 2017

UngainlyNot gracefully; awkward
DeftlyNimble; skilled; clever
InclinationA disposition especially of the mind or will
ConfiscatedTo seize as if by authority
ContemplateTo observe or study thoughtfully
AnticipatoryExpectation or hope
MenacingSomething that threatens to cause evil
InaudiblyIncapable of being heard
HilarityCheerfulness; merriment
LiquidationTo get rid of, especially by killing
DefianceDaring or bold resistance
DegradationTo lower in dignity or character
LacklusterDull; lacking brilliance or radiance
VoraciousCraving large quantities of food
VisageShape; features of the face; countenance
BarrageAn overwhelming quantity of words
ImpeccablyFlawless; faultless
ExudeTo come out gradually in drops, as sweat
DeliriumA state of violent excitement or emotion
MultitudeA great number of people
ProtrudingTo thrust forward; project
UnfathomableNot able to be understood
HodgepodgeA heterogeneous mixture; jumble
ConvulsiveViolent spasms; seizures
SynagogueA Jewish house of worship

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