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one. The Kingdom was from this clip ruled as one by several dynasties. . This province which was formed in On 18 June 1953. the Egyptian Republic was declared. ( Breasted & A ; Piccione. 2001 ) . The 18th Dynasty nevertheless is the 1 that marked the land as an international in the period circa 1550 and 1070 BC. Egypt’s strategic geographic place which gave it control over the Suez Canal attracted the Gallic and the British who sat in its cabinet and controlled the Suez and to a great extend the full state during the late old ages of the sixteenth century ( Breasted & A ; Piccione. 2001 ) .

The British subsequently colonized Egypt after the first universe wear. It was the intervention the brutish gave the Egyptians that caused a revolution which ended up with Egypt being declared an independent province in 1922. Because of the staying presence of the British and the monarchy signifier of governing. more revolutions took topographic point and ousted the ensuing to the declaration of Egypt as a democracy in June 1953. Egypt’s political orientations are largely based on the Islamic faith as all its leaders since it became a democracy have been Arab Muslims ( Al-Azmeh. 1993 ) .

Egypt political orientations are based ion internationalism where it tries to hold the best diplomatic relationships with all states internationally. Egypt unlike other Arab states trades good with the western states and has a good relationship with Israeli. a state the remainder of the Arab states detest. The state besides believes in patriotism and socialism where resources are distributed and intended to be owned by the people and non merely few persons in the state ( Al-Azmeh. 1993 ) . The state has tried to set up democracy in its political relations leting the citizens to take their ain leaders.

This has non been really successful as there still are studies of leader set uping elections. In the world’s political relations. Egypt takes a moderate place. attempts to be just to both the western and the Arab states. Egypt chiefly aims at constructing its international image. Egypt’s foreign policies have ever been moderate. The state has a great influence on political affairs in both Africa where it is situated and the Middle East because of its diplomatic expertness. significantly big population. military strength and its geographical place which is really strategic ( Embassy of Egypt. 2009 ) .

I n the recent decennaries. Egypt’s foreign policies have aimed at heightening the country’s dealingss both regionally and internationally by back uping structural reforms. liberalisation in societal economic system and planetary economic system integrating which are perceived to be the best steps to use in accomplishing full economic development. Egypt’s was in support of the Declaration of Principles pact as they interpreted it to be supportive of their political orientations ion what would convey a permanent peace to the Middle East.

The fact that the declaration transferred power over west bank and Gaza was in conformity with Egypt’s belief that the backdown of Israel from Palestinian Territories was the key to a permanent peace ( Brown. 2004 ) . Egypt therefore responded by making what was expected of it during the understanding as they believed that the declaration would convey a permanent peace if both sides kept to their side of the deal. The Declaration of Principles required Egypt to assist the two states in collaborating so as to accomplish the peace that was longed for in the Middle East.

Egypt besides supported the declaration as it included care of security though by merely Israel. Egypt has ever believed that security was critical for peace hence supported by assisting supply constabulary officers and passports to the Palestinian citizens as was required by the understanding. States such as Iran. Israeli Settlers and Syria did non take part in the understanding as they did non believe that the peace would last. Others thought that the understanding was a menace to them and did non desire it to win. Most of these states besides are Islamic and position Jews to be a menace to their faith hence were hesitated in back uping the peace negotiations.

Most groups believe that DOP procedure stopped in 2000 which could be true as the events that are presently go oning go against the understandings made. Egypt’s foreign policies are besides committed to guaranting that a permanent peace which is comprehensive can come to the Middle East. It does so by being involved actively in the attempts that that can accomplish the peace. Egypt for illustration was the first Arab state to subscribe a peace pact with Israel. a move which caused Israel to be expelled from the Arab League ( Embassy of Egypt. 2009 ) .

The pact required Israel to wholly retreat and withdraw from Sinai in 1979 in exchange for peaceable normal diplomatic dealingss harmonizing to which Israeli honoured and withdrew. The two states have since so had good diplomatic dealingss that are peaceable ( Embassy of Egypt. 2009 ) Egypt believes that peace can merely come to the Middle East if the attempts being made are comprehensive at doing Israeli withdraw from the Palestinian districts it has been busying that prevent the creative activity of an independent Palestine.

Egypt besides believes that Israel has to acknowledge and esteem Palestine’s political rights in the controversial Jerusalem. Egypt has hence been at the head in invariably helping the spouses negociating in the peace procedure towards using the Israeli backdown for peace to be achieved ( Embassy of Egypt. 2009 ) . Egypt besides believes that it is possible for stable peace to be achieved between Israel and Palestine if mechanisms can be adopted that would guarantee that security is maintained by both parties so that one party can non take advantage of its economic and military high quality to assail the other party.

Egypt proposes the part to be freed from arms of mass devastation in order to heighten security and cut down onslaughts on each other ( Embassy of Egypt. 2009 ) . Egypt farther explains that a model that would guarantee regional cooperation demands to be established as it would heighten peace stableness and profit the persons in the part. As discussed above. Egypt believes that there is possibility for possible hereafter peace understanding which may be entirely between Israel and the Palestinian because the break of peace in the full Middle East is attributed to the struggle between the two states.

The struggle between Israel and other Arab state is besides a consequence of the struggle between it and Palestine. Solving the struggle between Israel and Palestine therefore is the reply to conveying peace in the Middle East. Egypt advocates for peace between the two states and want it be such that security is maintained in the two states and that they are both disarmed of any arms of mass devastation. Egypt believes that it is deficiency of security and presence of the arms that encourages the two states to assail each other.

Egypt besides advocates for the constitution of a model as discussed earlier that would heighten cooperation between the two states towards advancing peace stableness that will be good to the people I n the part ( Brown. 2004 ) . If a peace conference was held today. Egypt would still back up a peace trade between the two states. Egypt supports a two province solution merely like the United States does ( Asharq Alawshat. 2009 ) . This is because Egypt believes in conveying a comprehensive and permanent peace to the Middle East.

Following the most recent onslaughts on the Gaza strip by Israel which left 100s of Palestinians dead. and the relentless business of Israel in countries that are truly Palestinians. Egypt would desire a peace trade to be reached in which Israel must withdraw and retreat from busying these countries so that Palestine can go an independent province as it was before the Israel business of its districts ( Asharq Alawshat. 2009 ) .

Egypt will non accept either Israel or Palestine to have arms of mass devastation as this would easy trip another struggle in the event a peace understanding was reached. This is so as to halt the two states from transporting on onslaughts and bombardments on each other. Egypt would besides non accept the trade if Israel did non retreat from the Palestinian districts it presently is busying. Egypt would offer diplomatic support as it ever has in making a peace trade between the two states ( Brown. 2004 ) .

Egypt would be ready to move as a go-between between the two states as they negotiate as it has good dealingss with both of them. Egypt believes that Israel should recognize Palestine’s rights sing Jerusalem. during the peace conference. it would recommend for the acknowledgment to be included in the footings of the concluding peace trade as Jerusalem is of import to Palestine merely as it is to Israel. Egypt wants a permanent peace in the Middle East and would make everything it can to assist accomplish it. Word count: 1500 Mentions

Al-Azmeh. A. ( 1993 ) . Islams and Modernities. New York: Verso. Asharq Alawshat. ( 2009 ) . Latest News. Retrieved 109th May 2009 from. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. asharq-e. com/ & gt ; . Breasted. J. & A ; Piccione. A. P. ( 2001 ) . Ancient Records of Egypt. Chicago. Illinois: University of Illinois Press. Brown. C. L. ( 2004 ) . Diplomacy in the Middle East: The International Relations of Regional and Outside Powers. New York. NY: I. B. Tauris. Embassy of Egypt. ( 2009 ) . Political System. Derived 19th May 2009 from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. egyptembassy. net/ & gt ;

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