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It is our great award and regard for those individuals who acknowledge to our survey about “The effects of Syntax Bill to selected pupil tobacco users of Mindanao University of Science and Technology. SY. 2012-2013” . That we research workers are really grateful to the followers:

To our English 20 professor Dr. Erly M. Maglangit. for assisting we complete our survey. And for giving besides this really interesting subject with respects to the pupil tobacco users here in our School or in this University. To my group who gives their thoughts about our research and for their cooperation and teamwork for us to complete our survey. To overall pupils who gives their moral support with respects to this survey. To my schoolmate Genevieve Tagolimot for leting me to used her laptop. To the parents above all that who are really supportive to their boies and girls and maintaining those directing school every twenty-four hours in this fundamental law which is the Mindanao University of Science and Technology. Once once more. we are really grateful to all of you. without your moral support our surveies will non be finish.

For the past yearss. hebdomads. and months. SIN-tax Bill has been the content of the intelligence studies on telecasting. wireless. and newspapers. It besides garnered different reactions and positions from different group of citizens. tobacco users or non. This measure was called SIN-Tax Bill because it proposes extra revenue enhancement aggregation to bad frailties such as coffin nail and spiritss. The advocates of the measure have said that it will give big sum of net income to the state as per the Department of Finance. This survey purposes to cognize what the possibilities effects of House Bill 5727 are or what we called Sin Tax Bill.

This jurisprudence was approved by the Congress and our President Benigno Simeon Aquino III for this jurisprudence gives a higher revenue enhancement or monetary value will be given to the spiritss or intoxicants and particularly to the coffin nails. Our survey focuses to the selected pupil tobacco users of Mindanao University of Science and Technology and inquiring inquiry to them on what are the effects of Sin Tax Bill to them as a Smoker.

Most of the pupil tobacco users of Mindanao University of Science and Technology are non affected of House Bill 5727 or what we called Sin Tax Bill execution. We besides found out that one of the effects of Syntax Bill is the decrease of coffin nails stick of the tobacco users. That Sin revenue enhancement measure helps to minimise the pupils tobacco user in smoking due to higher monetary value of coffin nails. Even if House Bill 5727 is implemented pupils tobacco users in this University are able to go on their surveies while others are non able able to concentrate their lessons if they can’t smoke coffin nails or baccy. Last. research workers besides found out that there is no important effects of House Bill 5727 or Sin Tax Bill.

Though. most of the pupil tobacco users passed in all their topics. but it is wise for them to discontinue or go forth smoke for their health’s interest. Since. Sin Tax Bill reduces disbursement of the pupil smokers it will better for them to discontinue smoking so they can salvage spent their money to a really of import undertakings in school. Last. it will be better for the school disposal to carry on hebdomadal Smoke SYMPOSIUM about the harmful effects of smoke.

When Sin revenue enhancement Bill was implemented in the Philippines. baccy and cigar consumers were stunned whether the said jurisprudence is in full execution. Of class. those whose whiffs are ineluctable and unmanageable might oppose to this jurisprudence. The lone involvement on their portion is the money spent for the cigar. Others tobacco users disliked the jurisprudence for it means extra “TAX INCORPORATED IN THIS BILL BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO ESCAPE THE LAW. SMOKERS MUST COMPLY WITH THE LAW” . They are non banned to smoke but they will merely compromise the addition or value of the coffin nail.

This is the lone means to command the extra load of the Filipino authorities. The Filipino authorities spends billion a twelvemonth for medical specialty for those who suffer lung malignant neoplastic disease cited from Manila Bulletin. dated January 14. 2013 ) . Based from the DOST. 2nd manus smoke is so unsafe that it will take merely few months to notice malignant neoplastic disease illness. This means to state that malignant neoplastic disease cells will be triggered when nicotine enters the organic structure direct to the lungs.

The usual illnesss for those who smoke are lung malignant neoplastic disease. pharynx malignant neoplastic disease. prostate malignant neoplastic disease and anal malignant neoplastic disease. Mindanao University of Science and Technology where the survey was conducted about the effects of Syntax Bill to the selected pupil smokers’ wherein the selected students’ of MUST are involved. Since. illnesss and no affair how stations of information in Television and in school campus on SMOKE FREE ZONE school. still without the proctor of the school disposal. students’ tobacco users continue their journey towards smoke and the unobserved consequence in the hereafter. Syntax is a revenue enhancement levied on a certain goods and services that are seen frailties. such as intoxicant. baccy and the similar.

Syntax is used for taxing activities that are considered unwanted. These types of revenue enhancements are levied by the authorities to deter persons from partaking in such activities without doing the usage of the merchandises illegal. Like other revenue enhancements. wickedness revenue enhancement besides provides a beginning of authorities gross. Harmonizing to our research. Syntax Bill is frequently called “SIN TAXES. ” because these revenue enhancements are. likewise. aimed at seeking to “dissuade consumers from inordinate consumption of these potentially harmful merchandises. “There is no challenging the “what” : House Bill 5727 is a step that seeks to unite and increase the excise revenue enhancement rates for intoxicant and particularly for coffin nails.

This is besides incites and provokes different responses. merely because this measure. if passed. would intend different things to different people. Manufacturers argue against the step. chiefly. on the undermentioned points: ( 1 ) it is the low-income earning earner consumers ( who can merely afford the lower-priced merchandises ) who will experience the pinch ; ( 2 ) the diminution in gross revenues ( from this section of the market ) will ensue in reduced production ; ( 3 ) and that the lessening in production will necessarily take to monolithic lay-offs. Smoke is an of import hazard factor for the three diseases that cause most deceases: bosom disease. shot and lung malignant neoplastic disease.

It is responsible for around 80 % of all lung malignant neoplastic disease deceases and 20 % of all malignant neoplastic disease deceases. Smoke has besides been linked to malignant neoplastic diseases of the oral cavity. vesica. kidney. tummy and neck. among other. Smokers are besides at increased hazard at holding reduced lung map from chronic clogging pneumonic disease. Using baccy has been linked a assortment of 3

other conditions. such as diabetes. peptic ulcers. some vision jobs. and back hurting. Smoke in gestation can take to miscarriage. still birth or premature birth.

Statement of the Problem
The followers are the statements of the job:
1. What are the effects of Syntax measure to the pupil tobacco users of Mindanao University of Science and Technology? 2. What are the effects of Syntax measure to the non-smokers of Mindanao University of Science and Technology? 3. What is their base as to smoking and analyzing done at the same time? 4. Is smoking
non a job of the pupil smokers’ surveies? Importance of the Study

Syntax measure is House Bill 5727 which means— a step that seeks to unite and increase the excise revenue enhancement rates for intoxicant and particularly for coffin nails. Is it of import that we know the consequence sentence structure measure to the selected pupil tobacco users of Mindanao University of Science and Technology. This survey besides asks the pupils on how the coffin nails. baccy. and etc. impact their day-to-day life. particularly in the field of their surveies.

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