Effects of cyber ego on morality Essay

When one is in a practical environment for long. one shortly becomes convinced that the cyber infinite universe is the existent universe which is the turning point in his life after which everything bends against him. This practical universe that is mistaken to be the existent universe is a parallel universe that one is in. the presence of one in the practical universe that is non – existent leads one to fall in a province is consciousness which is really different from the one in the existent universe.

After this. one starts to believe otherwise. act in a manner one has ne’er acted before and a batch of other things that shortly do non do sense to him self either. but this is a fact that although one knows there is something incorrect. one can non assist it. ( Johnson 2003 ) It becomes a portion of one’s life and is hard to acquire out of it. After being in a parallel existence that is all made up. there is different stimulations that so alteration and guides our behaviours.

It is a journey which a batch of people find interesting. On their journey to no where. when they are come ining the practical universe. they take along the best moralss that their faith could learn them. fantastic ethical motives that they learnt from their parents since they were childs and the cultural moralss that they grew in since they were childs ; all that is with them when they are come ining the practical universe. but it is dry that when they come out of it for something they are wholly different.

( Pritchard 2000 ) One is a wholly different person which some how loses all its values that were taught to him or her during their life span and all the moralss and ethical motives that they learned while they were in school and all that goes deep down the drain. How the practical universe affects our civilization. values. ethical motives. moralss and perceptual experience of which we are and of what the universe is. alterations ; is what we will be discoursing through out this study. ( Ess 2006 )

When one enters a practical environment. it is a conflict of what is existent and what one has left behind. This is where one’s cyber self-importance comes into image. Cyber self-importance is chiefly what a individual thinks of one ego in a practical environment. There is no uncertainty that there is a batch of unreal intelligence involved in the so called practical environment that one enters in. but there is a job of cyber self-importance that makes many persons question themselves before come ining an environment as such.

The moral values are lost. This is non merely true but has been experienced by many people who have made a error of come ining a practical environment. Talking to different people. people that one is non cognizant of as of all time even bing before they started speaking in the cyber universe. it changes one’s attitude and the stimulation that one guided the person’s perceptual experience and province of emotion ; this all mutate and do the person a different individual. for all incorrect grounds. ( Schultz 2005 )

There are a batch of things that have an impact on our ethical motives and moralss. For illustration. the more clip one spends on it. the more aggressive one gets. This aggressiveness can be because one can no more differentiate between the existent universe that one lives in and the practical universe that one is in most of the clip of the twenty-four hours. This aggressiveness adds to the alteration in one’s attitude and hence personality. ( Ess 2006 ) The alterations in one’s attitude and personality all depends on how much one might be engrossed in cyber self-importance.

How much one would desire oneself to be a portion of the practical environment and follow cyber self-importance is the inquiry that will besides reply how much a individual alterations and becomes a genuinely different individual that one was non. It is the difference of determinations that one makes that leads one towards developing a cyber self-importance being unhealthy to an extent that it would drive the life long ethical motives and moralss out of the individual and do one a wholly different individual.

Having this said. it is of arrant concern of as to how the alterations take topographic point. Some claim that the fact that hours and hours of the hebdomad are spent in forepart of the computing machine screens being in a universe that is non existent. Having a personality that is non the personality the individual has in the existent universe. and forging that personality to be the existent one ; if so is done for hours. every individual twenty-four hours of the hebdomad for months or even old ages. yes there will be a drastic alteration in what one believes and what one perceives. ( George 2003 )

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