Educational Years and Vocabulary Word Game

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By the end of the year that same fifth grader should be reading about 165 words per minute. Sally Is very below other students who are In the fifth grade. An average fifth grader should be reading 125-165 words per minute by the end of the year. Sally Is reading an average of 87 (when rounded) words per minute. Compared with other grades she is reading very much below level. She was given the Jennings Informal Reading Assessment. Sally scores from the Jennings Informal Reading Assessment stated that she read independently on about a 2. Reading level, instructional level of grade 2, she frustrated at grade 3, and her listening capacity is at grade 2. I had Sally start reading at grade 1 because when she reads in reading group she is very below level ND it is so difficult for her to read what we are reading in class. When I began to test her she had these results. By the time I got to grade 3 she began to frustrate. In which I was informed that she was retained in the third grade, but passed the second time around.

Then when she was in fourth grade did not pass the mathematics part of the State Standardized Test and had to retake it. She passed it and made it to the fifth grade. By Sally being retained in the third grade and frustrating at the third grade reading level that let’s us know that her informal assessment was correct. Sally miscues show that she frequently omits and adds letters to different words. She glances at words and thinks they are one thing, but they may be slightly off.

This could be due to the fact that she needs to be wearing glasses, and it could also be due to the fact that she Just doesn’t know. This particular student is currently going through the CBS process and is being referred for 504 services. The Goals 1. By the end of the year Sally will be reading independently at a 3rd grade reading level. 2. By the end of the year, Sally will be reading 20 more words per minute. A. These goals are coming from the fact that Sally can improve this drastically if consistent one-on-one reading instruction time is spent with her. . Sally shows that she reads more words per minute for about a 4th grader, so if she can read these many words per minute then she should be independently comprehending at this level as well. So these goals should help her improve and she should reach these goals by the end of the year. Improvement Areas 1. Comprehension level. She needs to be able to comprehend on at least a fourth grade level 2. Get Sally to read independently at a third grade level. 3. Read more words per minute. 4. Become a more confident reader.

If she becomes more confident then she will excel more than with her Just reading. 5. Reading for enjoyment should be key. Once she understands the importance of reading, she will improve because it isn’t Just done because of necessity it is done because she loves it. 6. Work on reading all words and to not omit letters and words from sentences. (follow the Triumphs daily lesson planner for struggling readers; activities with teacher are there to work with improvement areas. This all connects to the goals for the student. ) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Read 20 minutes a day with a book on level Read 20 minutes a day with a book on level Read 20 minutes a day with a book on level (read with teacher) Read 20 minutes a day with a book on level Read 20 minutes a day with a book on level Work on phonics With decidable passage (with teacher to help improve independent level) Echo reading with a peer on a higher level Echo read (with teacher) Listen to fluency tape and read along Read independently with teacher (test every three weeks to see improvement) Vocabulary word game Vocabulary word game Vocabulary word game Vocabulary word game Vocabulary word game

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