Education of the filipino Essay

? Harmonizing to the article. it seems that aliens. particularly the Americans influence us in a batch of different ways. They influence us in footings of address. sense of manner and vesture. nutrient we eat. the films we watch and even how we think and decide. And for that. I can state that our heads are slightly manipulated by the Western civilization and therefore. we think and act as if we were like them. Where is the modern twenty-four hours Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara who took their base for the traditional manner of life? Where are the people who care adequate to continue our civilization and tradition?

I agree with Renato Constantino’s statement in which I would cite “Education is a critical arm of people endeavoring for economic emancipation. political independency and cultural Renaissance. ” One must be cognizant of the country’s jobs. understand the solution and be caring and brave plenty to work and give for our country’s redemption. We Filipinos must work manus in manus to accomplish one end. In my sentiment. many Pinoys want the Philippines to be an American province because for them. lying in independency could intend poorness. Hopeless and inexorable as it may look.

For me. it’s non merely the authorities and the system that has job here. it’s the people and their manners plus attitude. It is besides said that the most effectual manner of repressing people is to capture their heads. In making so. we are tricked into making or being person we are improbable to be and some of our beliefs and stand can be swayed by such semblances of freedom to show. Equally long as feelings of opposition remain in the Black Marias of the vanquished. no vanquisher is unafraid and every bit long as we are strong and certain of ourselves. we can avoid being swayed by others.

The Filipinos outlook sometimes merely get away me. Many are bias and many are merely obviously covetous of the fact that Filipinos can be smart excessively. A batch can’t still accept that fact. On the other manus. there are several weak existences that move beside the “authorized” individual keeping the power against them or what we call “puppets” . The American civilization has been a portion of the Filipino’s lives. But despite of that I believe that we must continue our resources and Filipino values to an extent.

The fact still remains that these people are in a conquered state whose national life had to be woven into the form of American laterality. The drawback is that we still rely on first universe states such as the United States for support financially and economically. Absurd as it may sound but the truth remains that we are hapless and we need them to last. A authoritative illustration would be us pupils most particularly those taking up Nursing. We are fighting difficult to complete this class because of its demands abroad. Many are taking to seek for better occupation chances abroad.

I would be lying if I say that I am taking up Nursing because I want to function my state. but who doesn’t want a brighter hereafter? Now where’s my sense of patriotism? I say I’m merely being practical. It’s much better to accept the fact that we. Filipinos are diverse in civilization and linguistic communication every bit good as our manner of thought because we have been influenced by so many civilizations internally and externally. It is true that instruction will convey emancipation and the right instruction will broaden our position and hopefully. appreciate and capitalise on the diverseness to impel us frontward.

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