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The entailing of the child labor in the international business was viewed diversely by all the respondents. Economic growth and development were related to the existence of practice of child labor in the international development unambiguously and specifically, by some of the respondents from the developed countries. However, the combination of social and environmental progressing indicators, and economic development was signified by a number of business people, especially NGOs representatives during the study, which was noted as some of the basic factors that tend the children to work as a labor during their days of education.Development and enhancement of living standards and empowerment of people were spoken by several executives regarding the term of child labor in different business sectors of the world. While building of local institutions and capacity were suggested by the other, which may reduce the risks of any child labor in the future.

In addition, some journalists regarded economic inclusion and growth with the definition of International Development.According to a financial services company, economic viability, markets, and sustainability of the communities were related to the definition of the international business, and business ethics was given due significance, in order to avoid any child labor. The executives of some of the companies suggested that the importance of economic inclusion issues should be felt by the broadening and proper understanding of education, which were being ignored by the governments.In the result, families were tend to send their kids to work in different shifts to earn a living, as expenses of education were too high to be afforded by them.

(Brady, pp. 40-44) When economic development and a sustainable livelihood are combined with reduction and alleviation of poverty, it is known as the international development, as defined by an NGO. In other words, reduction of poverty and provision of required resources may result in the reduction of child labor. In addition, stewardship of the environment was also included in this definition of the term.When the organizations and their operations and activities are developed, and their capacity and capability is increased in other countries, as compared to their local countries, it is known as the international development. This type of definition came from the executives of a food and beverage company, who participated in the already-mentioned survey.

At this stage of the progress, competition at the international level requires low cost of the products and services, which are fulfilled by the recruitment of children as a labor in different sectors of a company.(Hill, pp. 63-66) In this regard, business ethics plays an important role in the implementation or avoidance of child labor in international business around the world. Whenever a crow finds a piece of meat it shouts to the top of its voice, calls its friends, and then eats his bread.

It is unethical for a crow to eat alone. Ethics has received due importance since the advent of humankind that God has taught each of its creatures to follow them. Today, it has lost its meaning, especially in business world.Specifically, business ethics is a set of ideas and principles that each person associated with a particular business needs to follow in order to earn a fair and just income.

It is easier said than done. In this fast growing world, each and every man encounters situation where a decision has to be taken – a decision that on one hand, demands honesty and good conduct and hard work, whereas, on other hand, it gives many easy ways of attaining success in short span of time. According to the World Bank, there will be severe poverty by 2015 in the world, if investments are not made in agricultural industry.Why is this happening? It is because that the advertisements we see, affects a lot. Drinking a particular drink will bring a beautiful woman, a BMW and lots more with it.

Is it ethical to play with the psychology of the consumers and coerce them to buy these products? How will they earn? It is surely impractical to change an occupation or profession. Similarly, business ethics is still not being practiced and implemented in various firms around the world, especially, the developing parts of the world. (Brady, pp. 99-100)Today, when at most places many unethical practices are prevalent, pressure is being laid upon being as ethical as possible. There are several agencies, which keeps a check on the recruitment of staff, as well as, facilities that are provided to the employees at the workplace.

However, what does it take to bribe an inspector, or hide the reality from the organizations? Thus, child labor is being increased in the international business, even various human rights organizations and developed nations have deployed and imposed policies and regulations that do not allow the involvement of children in the labor sector.

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