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Recommendations for our company Our company will be a new player in the digital adverting scene in Charlotte . Recent research shows that we have a lot of competition In that platform. There are many established players working on Social media and digital advertising platforms. Many companies have their own social network team. Example loves Everyone we know is either already active on these social networks or wants to be. If you all fall In either of the categories, we would want to be there with you, while you’re at It.

We are here to create those multiple touch points in this crazily integrated technological space and help customers to converse and connect via Social Networks, Blobs, Online PR, Wick, Backbone Applications. We would play the lead role In helping creating and defining the message and distributing it through these different platforms. How do we position ourselves and what makes us unique and different? After much research, we discovered most companies were focused on creativity rather than the brand. Sometimes would become popular and have a viral effect but creative becomes more powerful than the brand. Our approach is different, we are not a creative agency, we are not a design agency but we are a social media agency. We help clients to create conversations build communities and eventually reap the profits. We believe everything must be measurable and every exercise must help the client to achieve something. We help clients to have goal oriented campaigns, we don’t do a me too campaign with Just beautiful creative.

Our approach Is different Brand investigation: Knowing the voice of customers. We conduct an extensive research on the web to know what your customers are saying about you. Helping you understand what your customers say about you and how we engage them In a sticky conversation is where our expertise lies. We help brands to create direct dialogues with companies. After all as Mr. David M. Scott says “it’s all about the customer and what they want” Engage: Online communities and social media. As we said earlier that there Is more to the web than creating a Face book page.

Often customers create a page on 1 the offers are too broad to create touch points with the members. We work with companies to brainstorm, define, and implement strategies and programs for n aging with – and learning from – consumers, and prospective customers Whether you sell music or computers , need to evolve your social media marketing or improve you conversation generating abilities, we’ll deliver a social strategy driven by a unified purpose: starting the conversations that leads to the deep and meaningful relationships between an client and their customers.

Creating Social network communities: Often the assumption is made that people on the internet Just want free stuff, and if you discount heavily, you will get a lot of response. We don’t agree with that. We believe customers usually want a deeper relationship than that. They want you to listen, they want to connect and they want you to make them feel special. We help to identify and create that special bond between you and your customer.

We will help to identify those influences and leaders who would advocate at your brand and champion your cause. Here are a few ideas and strategies that we would like to propose to our clients: 1) Social Ideation : Creating a your social network road map 2) Social Media profile: Social media profile is a serious business. We design and help you you develop your rand profile on social sites, Backbone, Twitter, , Flicker, and Youth, to create touch points I to your target audiences and generate maximum word of mouth and .

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