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Do you think The Pirate Bay can continue to survive in a global Internet world? Why or why not? And. 1 most visited website In the world and 10 top most In some part of the world. But due to legality Issues many countries have refused to give Ass In their country to host their site. They have law suits against them. There is a tough competition because of the new platforms and stores available where you can buy music and movies at a very little price. So survival of the pirate bay will be tough and they will have to come up with new ways to survive in the world. 2.

Why is legislation like The Protect IP Act opposed by Google and civil liberties groups? And. 3. Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (Protect IP Act) was a bill proposed In the senate. It was first seemed to be accepted but delayed after wards due to by the public, civil liberties groups. It was a legislation to overcome the Illegal copying or distribution of copyrighted material in “substantially complete form. This bill was opposed because the people thought that it was a way of threatening their freedom of speech.

The government was finding new ways to censor and shutdown websites which could hurt their right of free speech. 3. Why does cloud computing threaten pirate sites? In cloud Computing the software can’t be copied or shared as they are using Software-as-service(ASS) model. Application will be available as services and can be consumed only from a remote server. But still people can share login credentials. And the hackers can also come up with new ways to pirate any software. So yes, the cloud computing threatens pirate sites but to some extent.

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