Eating disorders

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You are a counselor for those suffering from eating disorders. Today, you have two different group sessions: one consisting of clients with obesity issues, and one dealing with anorexia issues. So that the clients feel more comfortable, you would like to first start the session by explaining some of the physiological factors and physiological myths that cause people to eat or not eat. Then, you will open the floor for questions from the group. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper In PAP format containing the following:

Introduction: Act as the eating disorder counselor and Introduce yourself to the group. Provide a brief explanation about what you will be discussing today. ; Description of the physiological factors for hunger and satiety: Discuss the physiological myths about hunger and satiety and those physiological factors that do contribute to hunger and satiety. The first part of the paper Is NOT about obesity and anorexia: it is focused on the physiological I myths and factors Respond to the following questions proposed by the two different groups: Here is here issues of anorexia and obesity are discussed.

Lindsey asked: My parents were both obese, is that why I am? ; Robert asked: My girlfriend and I eat together all of the time, so we eat the same food and amounts of food, but she never gains weight like I do. Why is that? ; Nancy asked: My mom says that I became anorexic because Vie been reading too many Cosmos magazines and want to look like those girls. Maybe I did, but I really Just don’t crave food. What do you think it is? ; Tara asked: I don’t eat because every time I do, I Just feel sick! Do you know why this is?

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