Earths structure

Question Answer
Stress forces that push and pull on earth's surface.
compression rocks in the earth's crust that are squeezed together
tension rocks in the earth's crust are pulled apart
shearing rocks in the earth's crust are pulled in opposite, horizontal directions
fault a break along which rocks move
normal fault hanging wall moves DOWN relative to the foot wall
reverse fault hanging wall moves UP relative to the foot wal
lateral fault hanging wall and footwall move horizontally past each other
thrust fault hanging wall moves UP & OVER the foot wall
dome uplifted area formed from rising magma
crust outermost layer of Earth that floats on the mantle
mantle layer of Earth between the crust and the core; more dense than the crust
convection currents cause the mantle to flow. When they flow in the mantle they also move the crust
isostasy the balance between the downward force of the crust and the upward force of the mantle
deformation the breaking, tilting, and folding of rocks
fold a bend in a rock
anticline an upward fold in a rock
syncline a downward fold in a rock
tilted rock layers a type of deformation caused by stress

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