Earl’s Top 5 Filipino Traits

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1. Adept… Filipinos are really flexible at billowing any trouble and adversity 2. Craftsmanship… Filipinos are really cunning 3. Obsessive… Filipinos want to better their lives and those around them and are willing to travel through great adversities and attempts. but don’t ever know when to halt or how to equilibrate it all. 4. Mimicry… Filipinos tend to copy or derive that which others have. In this regard. that’s why you see groups of Filipino’s in foreign states that are so similar ( like in LA every Filipino seems to hold a piano at place that no 1 buys. or in Japan every Filipino on a military base seems to have rose wood.

But if they move to a new group. so they easy wish to alter and copy the new manners. Kind of like following a craze. 5. Short memories… No I don’t intend their dumb or something. I mean they forget the yesteryear or allow travel of the past easier. They don’t hold scores rather so bad. Filipino’s are non more household oriented than in other civilizations. but what makes them Filipino’s is they think they are. No discourtesy. But many people have strong dealingss with their households.

I lived in a place for six months and had to listen to my Brother in jurisprudence Tell me how household oriented they are as he yells at his male parent. and puts down his dead female parent. I watched every bit merely about every male member of the household had girlfriends. and the married womans knew and ran those misss out of town when they got pregnant. I watched households that lived across the street visit each other one time a twelvemonth. I had a Filipino state me that my girl ( half Filipino isn’t Filipino plenty to populate in his house with my 2nd married woman for a short clip ) .

So in any regard. I’m non state they are less household oriented. but that we all have our issues with acquiring along. and Filipinos are no more household oriented than other civilizations. This is harmonizing to the yokel replies dot com. Well I agree with these because most of the Filipinos come from hapless households and they can last any tests becsuse they are already used to it. They are already down. so they on ; y manner to travel is up. In the Philippines the most common thing that is talked about is the authorities. This is because this is the largest subscriber of the poorness in the Philippines.

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