E-Marketing Chapter 5.

Software Infringement
Copyright infringement occurs when people
download copyrighted software without a license, loan copyrighted software without a license, or install software on more computers than allowed.
Microsoft uses the following remedies
– Proposes intellectual property legislation.
– Files civil lawsuits.
– Creates noninfringement technologies such
as digital rights management (DRM) security
programs embedded in software CDs
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
requires that Web sites establish procedures that protect children online and involve parents
– Patent law
is centered on inventions.
– Copyright law
addresses rights to publish,
duplicate, or alter expressions of ideas.
– Trademark law
is concerned with brands
and source identifiers in the marketplace.
– Patents prevent competitors from doing the
same thing a different way.
– Patent protection has been claimed for reverse online auctions, secure credit card processing, and methods for reading Web site ads.
primary means of protecting
most expression on the internet.
Doctrine of Fair Use
Ability to copy protected material for
education and news reporting
Doctrine of First Sale
Limits the ability of copyright holder to
obtain profit after the initial time at which
the material is sold.
No Electronic Theft (NET) Act
Confers copyright protection for computer
content and imposes sanctions for
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
– Protects ISPs from acts of user infringement.
– Criminalizes the circumvention of software
– Complies with international standards for
copyrighted material.
the area of intellectual property governing
source identifiers for goods or services.
involves the
registration of domains that resemble or duplicate existing
an increasingly popular method of intellectual property protection.
Two basic types of licenses
– Shrinkwrap or break‐the‐seal licenses.
– Clickwrap licenses where the user is
required to click to accept the terms
Computer Decency Act
Expression directed to children remains a highly visible issue within online law and
Online governance and ICANN
The Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) was formed
in 1998 to resolve conflicts related to
domain naming
the use of deception and false
claims to obtain profit.

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