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Services covered by the directive include paid-for and free online information services provision, and online selling of products and services such as advertising, professional services, entertainment, and Internet and telephony service provision. Retailers/service providers must provide the following Information to consumers when conducting business via electronic means: The technical steps involved in placing an order. The terms and conditions under which a contract is made. This information must be available to the consumer in a way that can be reproduced and stored.

Prices must e clear and state whether tax or shipping costs are included. The name of the service provider, its email address (a contact form Is not sufficient) and a geographic address. Acknowledgement of the order by electronic means and Information on how to amend input errors made during the order process. If it is a company, the company’s registration number and place of registration. Membership details, including registration number of any trade or professional association of which the service provider is a member. Any breach of these requirements is considered a reach of statutory duty.

If the consumer Is not Informed of how they can amend errors In an order, the contract can be voided. Related glossary terms:information Commissioner’s Office (), Freedom of Information Act 2000, U. K. Data protection Act 1998 ( 1998), (Markets Financial Instruments Directive), Transparency Directive (European Union Transparency Directive), WERE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).

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